Hacking into the SFIII:3S board to put in custom sprites

Is it possible to edit these things by force hack? Change the sprites and backgrounds. Maybe even make them HD?

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i’m pretty sure the arcade files are all zip files, so you just unzip them, find out what corresponds to which, then just switch the files (obviously not normal jpeg or gif files)

oh my god please shut the fuck up mods lock this thread thanks in advance

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Yes, roms are hacked all the time.


  1. Resolution won’t change
  2. Who the fuck would take that massive task upon themselves, who also has the skills to make it look good? Do you know how many frames of animation these characters are? I can’t imagine doing even one character with that many frames in even half the resolution.

I refuse, you can’t tempt me with stupid questions. I’ll never answer them just to set you straight. Never.

Isnt it against TOS to talk about such topics on SRK?

yeah i guess so speaking of someone go lock the custom mvc2 thread that is treading on capcom’s turf way too much

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You don’t understand how this stuff works. It would be totally possible with the source to the game though!

If you can get images out of 3s and into photoshop you can edit them frame at a time. Just keep in mind you will have to do this frame at a time. You could try some scripted tasks with filters in photoshop but it would take a great deal of experimentation. And such a filter would have to be especially designed for each character and even then… Of course if it does work, it will only get you halway. You will still need to add details where there were no details. Your best bet is redrawing each frame, using the original sprite as a basis. To do this well you will need some artistic skills.

Of course the second problem would be getting those sprites back into the game and getting the game to display actually display sprites at a high resolution.

That is such a huge hack that I would rather make my own fighting game… Also capcom might release a 3s hd someday. But it’d be a lot of work as 3s has more frames of animation than most fighting games.

thanks for cursing a guy out who didn’t have any knowledge of the plan, hence the “i’m pretty sure”

  1. it’s a legitimate question, i don’t see what’s wrong with it
  2. people openly discuss doing the same shit to cvs2 and marvel on dreamcast, for years, and the mods don’t care

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I’ve done it before

use this place to find out more info


deoxyan that is a completely different thing.