.hack fighting game?


and the fighters just keep coming

Interesting. Will this dot hack fighter be CC2’s first non Naruto fighting game?

I don’t know how to feel. .Hack is heavily story driven franchise and not much action outside of dungeon exploration. A fighting game is an odd direction to go.

Not with FADC breathing new life into the genre. If they’ll buy that, they’ll buy anything.

I didn’t like the PS2 games but the franchise had a cool idea.
I’ll just drop this here

Is this going to be Japanese exclusive?
If so I hope the movie has English subs.

I’ll see your Key of the Twilight and raise you a Fake Wings:

I’m stoked for this game. I don’t even need details. haha .hack is just one of those series that I want anything and everything that pertains to it.

the DLC will be *Idolmaster *Characters watch lol j/k

If I understand correctly: this is a fighting game based on an anime that’s based on a series of single-player console role-playing games that is based on a fictional massively multiplayer online role-playing game for computers.

So anyway hopefully this has a lot of layers to its mindgames.

And maybe a single-player mode that simulates the experience of playing online ranked matches.

This should be an official game at Evo 2013, and then in 2014 they can release an anime about the fighting game community!!!

I masturbate to Yuki Kajiura’s music.
I could careless about the singer.

I hope this never leaves SRK, but Vanity is my favorite song of all time.

I’ll empty my life saving if they do that.

I’ll leave this here

Since it’s done by CC2 I can almost guarantee you this game will be .hack//Ultimate Ninja Storm.
Not to mention CC2 also helped with .hack//G.U.

However i cannot wait for the movie, i want more games and anime from this damn franchise.

I feel like .hack//sign was a good representation of the MMORPG genre.
It’s boring as fuck

i’m stoked! CC2 developed a anime fighting game?
here, take my money now.

I fucking love .hack, but why wouldn’t they just make another RPG, or shit an actual MMO.

I think discovering that you post on SRK period would probably be grounds enough for your real-life friends to never trust you again.

Here is the official bundle trailer.

It is exactly as i said lol, .hack//U.N.S. or Ultimate Ninja Storm


Bear (Or should I say the character with the similar appearance) looks straight out of WWE All Stars. He’s an action figure compared to the other characters. The fighters looks fun.

So it’s based on the movie huh.
It somewhat looks more “shallow” than the UNS series