Hack dualshock Ps4 with easy mapper v3

I’m thinking about the pad hacks and doing a little research, I’m thinking about a feasible alternative to the difficult dual pad hack 4. The objective of this is to get an arcade wireless stick with native support for Ps4 and by extension, also for PC using usb or bluetooh.

The plate or flex developed in principle to install scuff in a dualshock as standard. I wonder if it can be used to map arcade buttons and install everything in an arcade enclosure. I have the doubt if it will be necessary to invert the buttons r1 and l1

I leave you an image of the element, I would like to know if someone in the forum had ventured with this issue before. It does not seem necessary to have to make an investment in any button (R1 or L1) but maybe someone expert can get us out of doubt.


just had a quick read through of their web page, these are actually very good, if I had a ps4 I would definitely pick a couple up for my vlx’s

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Sorry @anzhar but i cant find their web page, could you pass me link or similar? Thanks in advance!


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What about the rest of the buttons? (Home, share, options, touchpad?)

Good question… Have to solder directly from dualshock anyway? :frowning:

Home/Share/Options/Touchpad aren’t on the ribbon cable for the PS4 controller.

I bought a couple of these when I was trying to do testing on the DS4 controllers. The things that I remember are firstly you have to buy the correct version (check which DS4 you have, as the the revisions need specific one.

Also, they are somewhat fiddly to install by yourself, it would probably go a lot easier between two people. I was too stubborn to ask for help, and ended up stretching the large holes that essentially hang the circuit in the right place.

You can see an image of how I modified my DS4 here in the centre of the picture.


Also from memory, the revised DS4 didn’t allow it to sit as easily. I think I had to bring the wires up and out through the touchpad space, and couldn’t leave the touchpad in there.

Yeah i saw your pic on Twitter with that dualshock with cable hair :joy:

Finally seems to be a not well way to hack a dualshock to put into a arcade enclosure…but if could take aditional buttons (share, ps, etc) from the dual shock…maybe be a good threat…

You need to be extra careful when driving the outputs on the left and right analog triggers as well to avoid damaging the JDM-xx controller’s processor.

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Maybe somebody knows alternative to make wireless an arcade stick for ps4…

Has anyone tried to padhack a Hori Onyx yet? That may be the solution if padhacking it is easier.