H2YL Presents: Cross Up Results

thanks a lot to everyone for coming out

level of competition was insanely high, especially in teams

there were around 16 entrants

singles results:
1: Eric Kim (Sagat)
2: RyRy (Dhalsim)
3: Lud (Chun)
4: Saqs (Rose)
5: Chillin (Sagat)
5: Slogan (Boxer)
7: Azen (Viper)
7: Shinku (Ryu)

teams results:

  1. lud/saqs
  2. eric kim/ryry
  3. magman/eric v
  4. azen/chillin

shoutouts to the sova people for coming up, it was nice meeting you guys, hope you enjoyed yourselves

Nice tourney, wanted to enter singles but Eric V can’t figure out what time he REALLY leaves :mad: :mad: :mad:.

all you have to do is say “one more, one more”

Keep up the good work with these tourneys Chillin, Hopefully I can make one when schoolwork isn’t completely raping me :frowning: Keep up the fierce comp everyone

ill be at the next one. good shit eric.

gs to bob, ryry, and double-stack for driving up(i’m horrible with names=/)

chillin, there were like 6 characters in gf lol

had alot of fun in casuals, thanks chillin for opening up your spot for us.

yeah i just tried to list the most used char, i know you guys switched a lot in finals

losers finals and grand finals were really entertaining to watch

eric kim owns me for free :crybaby: goodshit . ill own you in tekken for free though :smokin:

thanks chillin for hosting and good shit with tvc ken is a monster

lud - you should play tvc chun is godlike. good shit with sf4

bob and bill - nice travelling with you guys the trip was awesome.

slogan - good games in marvel, i need some training.

chillin- Nice meeting you and we had some good matches.
ryry- Lost to you twice, i’ll be more patient next time. Me playing tvc?? It wouldn’t be lud’s chun anymore since she’s godlike in that game. But if i have to play that game then of course i’m using chun.
eric kim- Akuma vs chun 7-3? idk. And Yea, my sis doesn’t work. lol.

lud’s sister = service with a smile:)

Good stuff everyone. GGs to all I played!

ggs indeed sir



this is f’n GDLK!!!

good shit Chillin, very nice spot

Azen beasting with the pad = NICE


Lol, so chillin and azen play SF4 now. Props for not sticking with that ridiculous excuse for a fighter, Brawl.

What happened to M2K/Ken?


had lots of fun playing tons of friendlies. always inspires me to get better coming to tournaments. I love pad, dunno when i’ll ever switch to stick lollz

brawls still fun to me and i dont consider it to be in the fighting genre, it is in its own smash genre. too different than anything else loll

GGs to all, had a lot of fun. props to sova for trekking way the hell up here, too. Nice to get out and meet some local players, looking to play with you folks again!