H.A.R.M.Z. Wrestling association

How’s this for a fanfic. Four certain fighters decide to link up and form the the wrestling association mentioned in the title. Kudos to anyone who wants to figure out what (or rather who) H.A.R.M.Z stands for. I’ll start cranking on it once someone figures out the correct acronym.

I can imagine this being the kind of story where the 4 owners of this federation would start out having a close bond and fair partnership while running it.
However, things would begin to turn bitter between them as the once friendly partnership turns into a Mcmahon/Mishima Zaibatsu type fued.

Perhaps…if you’d have me, I’d love to collaborate on this one. Also, have you figured out which four wrestler-fighters make up the acronym? And what do you think of “The Virus” and “Necro and Effie” so far?

Is it Hugo as the H, Alex as the A, and Zangief as the Z? I can’t figure out the others.

Rainbow Mika, and Mike Haggar.

Come back. Five year.

Scissorman got 3 out of 4 and Bear got the last one: the acronym is as follows

R.M.-Rainbow Mika

Mike Haggar will be around at some point but I intended him as a rival/main competitor to the team, not part of it.

So now, I gotta figure out how to start…I’m still in the planning stages but basically here’s how I kinda wanted tyo roll:

Being the lone top wrestler in the game gets rather boring so Hugo per Poison’s suggestion decides to form a team from wrestlers he’s met/fought in FF/SF in hopes of maing things more competitive and interesting.

Alex views Hugo as a rival but agrees to join in hopes of meeting more fighters, honing his skills, and becoming strong enough to eventually defeat Hugo himself.

No back-stories for 'Gief yet other than that he decides to try out the whole team melee thing to see how it works…or hey maybe he owes Hugo a favor and joins up to repay him. And we all know Mika has like this huge uber-crush on Gief so when she finds out he’s joining the team, she links up and must balnce between her romantic feelings toward him and her profession. I might throw in a little girl-girl tension between her and Poison although Poison is more the team manager and not necessarily a fighter.

Haggar will definitely be a main rival to the team both directlyand underhandedly (trying to sabotage them at various points; attempting to buy the members to his own team;etc.). Then there’s other elements that may or may not be addressed but sound interesting at this point such as Hugo and Poison’s ties/possible debts to the Mad Gears; other characters from the Capcom, SNK, and possibly even Marvel universes and even a few originals will be thrown in as well. If anyone has any ideas where I should take this, feel free to voice em (I’m talkin to you Dasiatic and Dorkie) and a little co-collaboration on this one would be nice too, since I’ve got other projects up and running. Wish me luck on this one.

LOL the crap?