Guy Players 25th Anniversary NYC

Hello my fellow bushin brosephs just posting to see which of the fellow Guy mainers in the community are going to make their presence known at the Capcom tourney this weekend. I am unfortunate to live in Chicago so im checking to see what Guy players are going to be in attendance. Kreymore? Blooddrunk? Dante? If so post and I guess we can use this thread as an update thread.

I am not attending but I believe kreymore is, probably streak as well but other than that no idea

Yes, I’m on my way there now.

Well 2 of the best going so im praying to see you both or at least one of you in top 8. Good luck to ya both.

As long as one of them beats Jwong or Ricky Ortiz I’ll be pleased.

Good luck Eddy and yeah I couldn’t make it out sadly I’m still trying to get my fightstick fixed up for Summer Jam and Season’s Beatings. I hope both you and Kreymore do well in the tournament.

Some tips, just as a reminder. 1. For predictable jump-ins consider using TK Izuna Drop and Ex Tatsu. When using Ex Tatsu, if you wait till the last second before the jump-in, you’ll gain more damage (usually 150 to 170 dmg). Diago is known for doing this with his Ryu. 2. Be a ‘Master Escape Artist’. They can’t hurt you if they can’t touch you. Get out of Corners by using Fierce Bushin Flip and don’t be afraid to Run Down The Clock. Some times its best for them to come to you. ‘If your winning why should you always approach them?’ Your opponent is usually waiting for you to approach (Run to) them anyway so they can achieve an easy punish because they know Guy’s running moves are unsafe on block. So use the clock to your advantage. 3. ‘Bait Hard and Punish Harder’. Convincing Baits leads to more mashing and more mashing leads to more punishes. 4. Overall push your opponent in the corner and keep them their to win extra damage. Wish you all well whos attending.

well… unless you space them they are unsafe but easy reactions are still the threat.

I made it to Top 32 Losers. Bracket of death. Fought 5 Giefs in my pool. Lost to the 3rd one. I pick Abel on the rest of the Giefs plus the one who sent me to losers to get past. Never playing that Guy vs. Gief match in tournament EVER again. Too hard…

Justin was in my pool also, but I didn’t make it to him because of Gief.

All I have to say for tomorrow is that I feel sorry for anyone who has to play me…

Good night.

Congrats, Krey. Good luck!

I finished in 33rd place again. I lost to two Sagats: Sanford and Mosh (Canadian player). I guess I’ve just got a huge mental block. I think I’m going to need to play Sagat to gain a better grasp of the match up.

It was nice meeting Nemesys and his son (Little One? Nun?). The kid just needs to cut down on some early bad habits for Guy players, and he’ll see significant improvement.

Lil Nem, he told me he met you, my name gets around it seems xD

I wasn’t going to post my placing for the Capcom NYC tourney, but if anyone is interested I got 17th place (One away from the money). To be honest I placed 13th but apparently there was a bracket error that I wasn’t aware of until I already lost, which is another long story. You don’t understand how mad I still am about that.

In top 32, I beat a Ryu player (2-0) and then I beat Gootecks (2-1) who went 2 and out in winners top 32. Winning two matches in losers of top 32 puts you in Top 16. How did me and Gootecks tie for the same place when I beat him?

I lost to PR Rog in losers. My mindset going in to the match did not match my intent. I treated it as if he knew what I was capable of. As a result in game one, I just fell for his tick grab tricks. I almost beat him in game 2, but he blocked a cross up, got away and just chipped me away with Dash Straight xx Super.

Hi. I’m the young Guy player that Streak was talking about.

I went to SF25 with my dad. My first match was against Yipes. I don’t remember much of the match but I do remember him doing wakeup EX Psycho Crusher many times. Sadly, I only punished it once and I got a little shaky because this was the first tourney where I actually knew what I was doing and was somewhat decent. Then I faced a Cammy player and that match was weird. I felt awkward playing the Cammy bc I didn’t try and do any mixups or safejumps whatsoever. I eventually beat him. And it was my first tournament win.

At that point, my shakiness went away and I faced a Chun-Li. I took advantage in the fact that he got nervous toward the end where I did a couple of Fake Safejumps. He always went for an EX Spinning Bird Kick and I beat him. I then had lots of confidence in me before losing against a Ryu and was out of the tourney.

Currently, I’m trying to learn to think during matches as it is hard for me for some strange reason. And one final thing.

What habits do I have that I should get rid of? The only habit I know I have is sliding alot.

Haven’t seen any recent video of you, I know your dad though since I’m in the UYG group, you should try and convince him to go to any local tournaments in CT, there’s one coming up on the 17th. I can run a set with you via the mirror match, since it helps you understand a lot about Guy.

I might be going to NEC if I ask him again. So I’m trying to practice as much as I can. Finding time to play and practice is kinda hard in that I don’t have much time to. I have other stuff to do too. But a tourney in CT? Is it far away from NYC? Because if it’s not, I just MIGHT be able to go.

By any chance, do you have AE PSN? If so, what is your PSN acct. name?

I’m on Xbox actually, and its about an hour from NYC, you can take a train, there’s one that goes to Stratford.

Is it on a weekend?

I might be able to get my dad to take me there if so. Is there anywhere I can get details on this tourney?

NEC will be in philadelphia if any of you make it I myself and ikeislegendary the local guy players will be there to say hi. I’m still new to the tournament scene don’t know everyone yet but I will try to look for guy players at NEC. my psn: Darryl215 my xbox is gone so i will play on psn til December comes.

I will be there too. I’m currently trying to train right now. I’m going there with my dad. I’ll try and look for you guys there.

As for Darryl215, I’m on PSN too so I will see you online.

It’s in the atl north ct thread, its a Saturday ill even link your dad the event page when I get on a computer