Gunbound friend finding/discussion thread

Yeah yeah, old, worms is better, whatever.

If you play and are looking for more people that play that happen to be SRK’ers, post up your name! This is for anything gunbound related really, a few of the SRK’ers on IRC used to play all the time, sometimes even enough for 4v4.

My name is ElfBoots (Athanasy picked that name out…) and I own the guild PAX (Regulate on here used to own it before the server change).

If you are interested in playing it and getting started just let me know as well. is where to get it.

also, if you have 56k, this is about the only multiplayer free online game I know that works well with it.

I just started playing again recently…

WildKittyv1 is my handle… I’m on from time to time, but send me a message over aim or on irc as it’s esier to just ask me to play. WildKittyv1 on aim…

and casey, there was already a thread for this… but I know, you said it already

The old thread is old. and gone, as I searched before making, unless someone spelled it “gun bound” and not “gunbound”.

How the hell did you get pax?

You must have a bad memory,

Back when they switched servers to the US servers, everyone had to remake guilds, and they had bonuses so people were grabbing them fast, so I made PAX.

When you got on IRC I told you and offered to switch control of it to you but you refused.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, anyone who plays Gunbound is not your friend.

But you are named after the worst skit in SNL history.

Also, I think I remember playing you a bit…

I’m pretty sure my guy is still in PAX and probably the person with the highest ranking. I’ll probably end up playing during the summer unfortunately, though. :frowning:

Silly head, read above! All the servers changed so all the guilds had to be remade. You also need to re configure your account on now as all the servers are US.

Get a 360. You won’t be playing much Gunbound once you get on XBLA. I’ll probably redownload and join up. I haven’t played in ages.

Check, I am still in PAX.

I’ll be damned. I wonder how that happened. Must have updated it and brung everyone over after the start of it.

wow people still play this.

I played Gunbound around when it came out. Loved that game. Are the servers still crowded? A few months ago i checked and they still were just as busy!

BTW Gunster was fun but they removed it due to hackin and stuff. Anyone remember that one?

I’d play with you guys, but for some reason my campus blocks the connection to Gunbound. Not exactly sure why either, since they allow World of Warcraft which is 10x more gay.

Ever since they moved servers to the US it’s never been really crowded.

Ill get this again, for good times sake.

Well, as I’ve chimed in with every other GB thread that’s been made since they kicked us out of GBWC or so

handle’s Friday

i should get ijji at work since i cant play with my stick here or a controller…

LOL Gunbound.

LOL your post.

Yeah guys, just remember to give your GB name if you want to get some SRK’ers on your list.