Gumz vs. Tat Guy: Real men fight with photoshop. .

I guess I’ll let Gumz post his avatar. . . . but here’s mine:

SO if you stop by IMM why not take the time to vote?. . .

Gonna bump this so Gumz will notice it when he gets on . . . .

Lol someone already voted for Gumz without even seeing his.


hmmmm. . . . . I probably shouldn’t adone a SFPF sprite. . . or just taken the same thing I used for a full sized one by accident. . . . .

That shit is hawt GuMz wreck it playa~!!!

I like that tat used dan though.

i dunno, tat guy doesnt seems… well… i dunno something off with the style now

loving that chibi chun nice bg too voted for gumz! :karate:

i looked for a minute before i found dan in tat guys avatar

EDIT:i checked on a another monitor with lower brightness and its still hard to spot him

^ :rofl:

Hmm, tough but Gumz’s looks more appealing. Gumz it is (but good job Tat, that’s a nice dan)

thanks for the support all

and good luck tat i think i forgot to say that

  • 1 for GuMz… dood.

thnx dooooooooood

BAM! Ms paint~!

I wouldn’t vote for me. . . .I wonder who actually did. . .wonder if this woulda won . . .

. .so everyone vote for Gumz. .please. . . for me. . . .

Also I’ll take any other tag battles. . . .and I’ll give it 100% from now on . . .

Awesome on both sides of the paint:tup:


And poll is now closed. . congrats to Gumz. . it was a close one man. . . . part of me wants to be a bitch and whine. . what emotion should I feel to do that?

Anyone else wanna do a tag battle. .or GUmz wanna do 2 outta 3? I’d pick the theme this time if so . . .

ill do 2 out of 3 but ill have to get it you in a week or so [but we can get the hype now] and let me make the thread this time but u pick topic