Guilty gear's comboing?

I just got back into my GG for psp (AC+) and i can’t combo for shigs. the most i can do is a simple launcher then light slash,kick,Djump,light slash kick super (EX jonnhy) can anyone better explain GG and combos, because the wikia guide is not doing much

Well first off stop playing “EX” Jonnhy, because all ex, shadow, and gold characters are banned in tourneys.

Second, starthere if you are basically brand new

This site( will answer the majority of your questions and there’s plenty of people in the jonnhy sub-forum to answer questions you could not find the answer to.

Thanks, i want to get into gg, but did not know where to start.

just curious (I’m new to Guilty Gear as well)

why are the EX, shadow, and gold versions banned in tournaments anyway?

well gold/shadow gives u infinite meter, which means infinite combos for some chars, also infinite meter would make that mechanic of the game pointless if everyone used gold/shadow chars.

As for EX/GG modes, there’s some broken aspects added to some characters like extra damage, speed, etc. these aspects can also lead to infinite combos as well(I think.)…but either way these modes just make a char broken. To make sure the normal cast is fun, the “broken cast” is banned basically.

_2 new GG players in a week…GET HYPE! lol, spread the word and tell your friends to play good games instead of boring-fighter 4:cool:

street fighter 4 isn’t boring… it’s just made for those who love the technical aspect of a game (and jabs) and like half of everyone i know plays guilty gear

EX characters are also not available in the arcade version

EX, gold, black, GG/GGX modes, Kliff, Justice, etc are all banned because they are console-only features. Whether they are broken or not in some cases may not be proven (some EX characters are arguably worse than their normal versions) but basically they are all extra features outside of the intended game and are not used in competitive play.

Note that there is a difference between picking EX mode for characters by pressing start and merely using the EX color palettes. All colors are allowed except for the Reload and Slash colors on the dust button which will give you black and gold colors

Boring or not is subjective, but SFIV is not technical. Any game where you can press 33P (or d/f, d/f P…) to SRK is not technical.

And if half of everyone I knew played GG, I’d be in some kind of heaven.

the game play is the most technical part, not the controls. in other news, i got my girl friend to try yesterday… she is not bad at oki…