Guilty Gear!

Ok I have been looking but have not found a Single Guilty Gear thread what so ever. So now I am Making one I am a Hardcore GG fighter. It is one of my favorite fighting games ever. I want to know who else is into this game and would fight.


As one of the few on SRK who plays GG and won’t flame you, I will direct you to and here’s even the link to the seattle area’s thread

That’s where you go to try to play blazblue, guilty gear, maybe kof…

What Mechanica said.

Get this bull shit dead ass game out of here…

well thanks Machanica I live in Hillsboro oregon Seattle is a long damn drive for me. I have already been to Tournaments for GG placed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 15th

I hate the fact that liking arksys games makes me feel dirty. I play BB with the lights and the blinds drawn now…

PM Hellsap. He’ll know who’s still playing GG down in Oregon.

Thanks again guys!

Yeah the pacific northwest doesn’t just mean seattle. There are portland posters in there too.

I don’t know dawg, portland seems to play hella random games that I would consider dead like KOF and stuff.

says the guy with a picture of casshern :rofl::lovin:

Granted, Casshern (especially sins) is fucking awesome

Can a game really be dead if nobody played it in the first place? >_>

Hey we played it at zachs that one time in the basement with 3 people and wiimotes!

I play it at zach’s every time I go. There’s sticks now.

Portland players are just more open minded about playing fighting games and we see the potential in those games that are not a capcom or namco game.

^ This seems true. They are like the east coast in that regard.

jetay’s post really backs this up

Jetay isn’t portland, if you don’t like what he says direct it at him, instead of making blanket statements at portland.

Hey I might live in Oregon But I am from California man I represent the South west players!

No offense dude, but I think we can agree that while you may rep the SW, you still rep Oregon. lol.