Guilty Gear XXAC: Milla

Hey, so I’ve been playing #R for a long time and I was a Slayer player, but after about 2k5, I really stopped playing. I just picked up Accent Core Plus, and I dig Millia in this version.

Can you give me some BB combos? A lot of moves are different now, and I’m having a hard time following videos.


Millia Rage

Damn, I was just scrolling by and replied. Didn’t know you made this thread like 5 minutes before I posted. Now I look like a loser with no life.:sad:

I know you… You are a loser with no life. :wink:

And if you’re like, “Who the fuck?”

I made this…

Ha. Thanks but I gotta pass. I did at one point want an Akuma avatar. This one I just got and I think I’ve gathered enough.


I made that for you when you first joined SRK.

A ghost?

As I see it.