Guilty Gear XX: Ky Combos

Hey everyone. I’d like any help I can get on some very reliable Ky combos (by reliable I mean unescapeable by Air Recovery)! If anyone has any worth posting, I’d like to see them. I’m looking for advice that can make me tournament-material at this event I’ll be attending in Arlington, Virginia this coming weekend. So like I said, any help would be appreciated.

I’m mainly looking for run-in combos. Something I could exploit if an opponent whiffed a move.

I’m also looking for quality, not quantity. I know that a 10-hit combo probably does less damage than an 8-Hit, due to mechanics. I’m only interested in high-damage, not high-hits (aka “showing off”)

However, I WOULD like to know what’s the longest Ky combo ever discovered at this point. So post your longest combo up, as well.

Again, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

ALSO, I’d like an opinion from most of you:

I’m under the assumption that Ky has had a disadvantage against Sol since Guilty Gear X. Instead of trying to explain it and arguing, just poll your answer to this question:

In Guilty Gear XX, who would win a match between a GOOD Sol player, and a GOOD Ky player?

dizzys 75 hit super probably takes the cake

Here’s a nice starter:
Dash in, s.k - [f+p - close s.s]x2 -> [Sacred Edge(qcfx2, p)]x2 -> qcf+k.
You won’t have to worry about the damage modifer as much, and since s.k hits low anyway, just dash in and smack em up.
Sol edges out Ky with the dust loop. Too many ways to initiate the set-up.

heres a good one. running. s.s s.s c.s hs qcf k. It does pretty good damage for ky. I saw it for the first time at a tourny saturday. Also get familiar with using his forward kick. start off with stuff like running s.s s.hs forward kick, s.k s.s c.s qcf kick. Stuff like that. After a while you’ll be confortable with the timing of forward kick and stuff. If you want to be a good competitive ky, all i can say is practice practice practice. Btw, I’m no Ky expert, those are at

Chaotic Blue

Air-Combo Question and Ky infinite (i think)


Well i’ve been seeing people do air-combos with ky or anyone for that mater with out launching them… they didn’t use the d.H or launch them with the Dust attack either. the combo is usually – (in air) S-S-S-S-DP+H…are you supposed to JC or something… oh and sorry for asking such a n00bish question but how do you do a JC…? i know its on GGC but it didnt help…

KY INFINITE (not sure if it’s really an infinite tho)

Ok I have seen this video many times and i do not know how to do the ky infinite… can someone help me with this…? the infinite is 1 MIN. and 30 SEC into the vid…the infinite is (???..forward kick-crouching slash-forward kick-forward slash-ETC…i think) it was on a Jap site but they chage the vids every week

acctualy its stand s to f+k. It works 2-3 times on standing characters depending on how big they are. And 3-4 times on ducking characters.

Here’s an easy ‘show’ combo with Ky…

opponent in corner and you must have half a tension:

K,S,d. Dust(sweep), Sacred Edge(QCFx2 P),S,then in air K,S, double jump,S,HS,Vapor Thrust(dp S or HS)…

EDIT: after reviewing what I posted I posted the wrong combo Shin_Kensou’s 1st combo and mine are similar…:stuck_out_tongue:

i personally think ky would win due to more options with his mixups. but thats my opinion…

ky combos:

s.S,HS, sweep, sacred edge, s.S, JC, K,S, JC, S,HS, vapor thrust

character specific combo: baiken, potemkin, johnny, ky

s.S, HS, sweep, stun dipper(slide move), RC on the 1st hit, s.S, air combo above

in air combos with ky, instead of k,s, jc s, hs, vapthrust…

go s, p, s, jc s, hs, vapthrust

Huh? really? does it really do more damage or is it just for more hits? his punch is pretty weak and does more reduction than his air kick for that matter. Is it possible to do air Slash, kick, Slash, JC Slash, HS, VT instead?

Also I think I remember a Japanese player doing a very long (not necessarily extremely damaging but hella cool) dust combo:

Something like: S. Dust, Jc with Slash 5x, P 2x, Slash, punch, slash 3x and then just a long mix up of doing various number of slashes and punches between one another. Is It an infinite? I think when he messed up he decided to do an air SE.
Is anyone familar with what I am talking about?

Lastly can anyone tell me the timing for FRCing his QCF+K, HCF+HS and the timing to jump cancel after his air dust?

…holy SHIT; this thread is still here?? I made this thread like…the first day GGXX came out in the US! Geez…

Guilty gear xx SOL combos

does any one know how to do any sOL combos any kind of long term combos like coner combos or anything like that


mmm if you want some sol combos, don’t post in ky combos.i’ll send you a pm for sol combos.

as for ky well there’s a lot of combos
i usually use
k or f+p,s,f+k,duckk,duck s,hs,slide

i don’t use those a lot cause i often miss them
k,s,f+K,duck k,duck dust,sacred edge,frc,run,k,s,jc,k,s,jc,s,hs,dp

k,s,f+k,s,scred edge,frc,run,k,s,f+k,duck k,s,hs(don’t always pass), slide.

ok i just figure i can’t send you pm.
well start a sol thread asking combos and i’ll explain if noone else do it…

I know a few Ky Combos, but I swear, this kid claims Ky can perform a 68 hit combo. Now, I’m still sitting up in my room trying to see if he’s right or wrong, but I’m not a pro GGXX player, so maybe someone else might know.

the longests ky combo can do something like 32 hits.i assume you can not do more hits…i don’t know who told it to you but it’s properly impossible or exept if you play a black ky with infinites super…end of the story.

The likeliness is almost as infintesmal as its pointlessness. Anything over 18 hits with Ky is drifting over into the waste of time gatagory. Like, no damage for hardly anything after that…

Stick to short and sweet mixups with Ky that ground the opponent. The only thing in the way of long combos are his B&B air combo, and things off stund dipper etc. Still, thats at the most 5, and 3 of which are obviously more effective…then of course there are his dust/impossible dust combos. But for any of these you will only be able to catch some one with these under fairly spicific cercumstances. So I have no idea what your friend was talking about… and would further venture to say he is full of shit.


Policemen are weaklings. :frowning:

that’s a fact.
i just tell that it’s possible to make a 30hits but in terms of damage…unusefull

as for a sol vs ky,well a sol player should win if they’re at equal abilities.I don’t see why sammy made a such abusive char:(

Actually I think its worse then that. A sol with a shit for brains strategy could probably rap the shit out of Ky X amount of times before Ky was ever expirienced enough to know how to deal with the priority whore. I hate sol. How the fuck did those mothafuckas tone the shit out of my Jonny and then barely change Sol. GOT’DAMNIT.:mad: WTF were you thinking Sammy!!!

holds his ears wuuuu- saaaaah…wuuuuu- saaaaah…

:lol: :lol:
agree really with that…a guy i know kicked my ass so much often and was a really medium player.i had to practice soooo much hours to kick his ass…!!!he gets no strategy and that sucked a for johnny i didn’t play ggx but some told me he was too much abusive before and now i think it’s a correct char isn’t it?no problem with him.sammy build a great game EXEPT the sol problem…