Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- petition to bring it to the WiiU! ***OFFICIAL***

This is the article that was posted that shows that the petition linked here is being watched by Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of the Guilty Gear series. If they get enough signatures, ArcSystemWorks will bring GGXrd to the WiiU. Please, sign it!

Literally the least exciting concept

IMO they need to get it on one of the other two consoles first, whichever the FGC uses for tournaments. If it’s out on the Wii U first, then the game could end up like TvC.

Is obvious that the game wouldn’t be exclusive for the WiiU, in fact for what we have seen, i wouldn’t be surprised that ends being a PS4 exclusive.

The game screams next gen, and i sincerely doubt that the WiiU would handle it well, considering how terrible are both current gen consoles at handling the UE3. The only advantage that the WiiU has over the other 2 is that it has more ram.

Why would’t you guys want more people to get access to the game? No reason to not sign it and using TVC as evidence is the usual stupid shit I’m used to you saying D3v

Can you not read? He said if the game is released on the Wii U first as in, if it’s time exclusive to the console it will end up like TvC. Dudes would sit on the game until it’s released on the console of their choice.

ANd? People who only own WiiU will be able to get access to it and who’s to say it would be released on WiiU first

So you want them to release a potential inferior port of the game?

If anything petition for it to be on Xbone.

If their willing to do it I doubt it would be inferior. Plus more people that can have access to the game the better.

ASW is not a big company, you can tell by looking at their actions that they release their games if there is a perceived market for it that will turn in a profit, they released GGXXAC on Wii, but from what we know the sells of the game were subpar compared to the sells on the PS2 for example despite the bigger user base.

And seeing that they have dropped the 360 version of BBCP due the apparently lack of market for it, you can expect them not taking a risk on a console that is being doing terrible so far.

Add that there is good chance that GGXrd ends being a next gen game, so there is a good chance that the WiiU port will be inferior.

You say that more people having access to the game is good, true, but if the costs for releasing the game are bigger than the profit there is no point on taking the risk.

Things are not as simple as releasing the game and having more people playing it, don’t be naive.


I’ll be honest, i can easily see GGXrd being a PS4 exclusive seeing how they simply stopped supporting the 360.

If they were worried aout cost risk this wouldn’t be an option and they probably wouldn’t entertain the idea of the petition.

The cost risk is the EXACT reason they are doing the petition. If it was a fan petition that would be a different story, but ASW want to know how much interest there is in a Wii U port. What better way to do that than a list of people who would buy the game? If the petition is successful and the Wii U sales are bad, I’d imagine at that point they wouldn’t entertain the idea of a petition anymore.


I expected more from you.

They entertain the idea of a petition to see if the risk is worthy, duh…

First lolonlinepetition.

Second, I wouldn’t mind a WiiU port, but if it was only developed on the WiiU it would be a problem, since when that happened with TvC, that was where the one good fighter Capcom made this gen which wasn’t a re-release went to die.

I failed you sensei

Some times I agree with d3v, a lot of the times I don’t, but the bottom line is he is right…I never played TvC, but it looked damn awesome and I wish I had, and if it wasn’t a WII only title, I probably would have (d3v +1).

I don’t want GG to suffer the same fate.

I agree it should be on all titles, but you may as well release it one the most popular first.

Since it is already on PS4, I would assume it should come out on PC\XBONE (or vise versa) then followed by WII U release, and possible N64 (lawl).

Second bottom line, is ports cost money. Have to make it worth their while.

But I totally support it being on all systems, but the reality is it will most likely come out on whatever net gains the most cash first.

I’ll vote, and if it does come ou on Wii U, I’ll probably get it (I’ve got almost every Wii U game to date so far) as i’m a HUGE Wii U fan. But I’ve found with some other games on the Wii U, while the game may run awesomely etc - there isn’t enough people playing them online - Whenever I’ve tried finding battles on Injustice it usually just times out!

I’d be concerned that there wouldn’t be enough people playing online on Wii U to make it worth it =/

Unless its released after the boom in Wii U sales from Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros U…

nintendo, lol.