Guilty gear # reload coming to 360

its coming to 360 as a download sorry if this has been posted already wonder if it will have a better online mode?

sorry im a little late here is my source


Or Die.

get a source or get infracted

If I post the source does he still get the infraction? :lol:

Aksys has no such info.

Sorry, but I think you’re gonna get an infraction :expressionless:

Though he might actually mean it’ll become backwards compatible.

Edit: oh, there it is. Hopefully it will have improved online play…

No, he means that it will be available for download from MS’s Xbox Download service (it’s already backwards compatible), which according to IGN, it will. And since #reload was published by Majesco, it makes sense that Aksys wouldn’t have any info.

Im sure net code will still be the same, I believe the emulation process is the same. Just instead of using a disc the game is on your hard drive.

#Reload? The hell. It’s about Accent Core now.

Never came out on the Xbox.

i’ll still get it just to have something to play online on my 360

imma check this out.

Why not just get DAT NEOWAVE??!?!??!?!?!

Or VF5?

Really now? You think I don’t know that? I said it’s all about AC now because #R is two games back i.e. out of date. That’s like playing ST then going back to WW.

I bought a copy of this a few months back off of Amazon for $3.50. One of my all time favs (although I love AC better). I always find it funny that they put up games for download that are already cheap, easy to find and fully supported BC…yet we can’t get freaking CvS 2.

Amazing brilliance at M$.

i saw neowave for 10 bucks and i was like “i’ll get it later” then i come back and its gone.:sad:

Or playing ST and then downloading an online compatible version of Hyper Fighting.

I mean…who did that, right?

I would wager that all of 5 people actually care about this.

so this one comes with online? if so a lot more comp is gonna be on!

i am pretty stoked that the 360 is actually getting some fighters to play :D.