Guilty Gear Isuka Thread!

Just came out, post your impressions on whatever you want!

A.B.A is far too powerful IMO, and Robo-KY MKII is fucking so tight, because you can give him whatever special move you want! :open_mouth: Anyone figure out what “YRC” is for him?

That game gets no love in Japan. Prolly cuz it sucks. You’ll go back to #R very soon.

YRC is a chip you can install on his moves. Basic effect is that all normal RCs turn blue and cost 25%, just like FRCs. All FRCs turn yellow and only cost 12.5%, thus YRC (Yellow RC).

I played Isuka at evo and I have to say that I hate it…
As far as Japanese opinion? All I know is Miu’s… All he had to say on the subject was “FUCK ISKA!!!”

It’s really that bad? :frowning: I had high hopes for this game

It’s not nearly as good as #Reload, but it IS a totally different game. Get it for Boost and Single Player mode. It’s definitely not a Tourament Game.

As odd as this may sound, ignore playing it seriously. This game is actually a lot of fun when you stop caring about who wins.

Just some general observations I’ve made so far.

  • Eddie: Well, 2K-(cl)5S chains now. Not sure how I feel about this.
  • Baiken: combos into jS-D don’t seem to work as well as they did in #R. Some don’t seem to work at all.
  • Millia: Sucks. 5P is slow, hella lag on turbo fall, and roll doesn’t cross up. Other than that she’s alright.
  • A.B.A.: I love you :slight_smile:

I’ve played Slayer, Faust, I-no and Venom but not enough to tell wtf is going on.

My roommates insist on mapping a dust button. I’m still pure to the arcade controls. But we’ll see how long this lasts.

I’ve noticed some moves seem to hit behind characters now. For example Faust’s 5HS and Eddie’s sweep. I’m pretty sure Faust’s 5HS always hit a little behind him, and I know Eddie’s 5HS did (I’ve stopped a Slayer dash-through with it), but I’m not sure about his sweep. This makes me wonder if hitboxes on normals were expanded farther backward.

I haven’t seen Potemkin played by a human yet, but I’m a lil’ scared of what I’ll see…when I’m not playing Eddie.

And finally being Eddie and running away from Roah is significantly easier now :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m going to rant a little bit more on Millia. I’m not sure how to do damage with this girl. Her cross-ups are dead. Faultless defense kills her 50/50 high/lows. That leaves…uhm, well…hmmm. I better learn to quadruple relaunch I suppose.

But I wonder if there is more stun on air hits. I almost “created” a combo by mistake by doing dash-in 6P-2HS, Bad Moon (RC) 5P-5HS. Had I not screwed up and actually got that second 2HS (instead of 5HS) I wonder if it would have worked, or if Bird didn’t flip out because he was too sleep to think :lol: Has anyone else noticed if hit stun on air moves was increased?

Yeah I got my copy yesterday and have just been messing around. I mean the game is silly, but it’s quite fun, not every game has to be tournament caliber. But Iceman yeah, Millia got raped. It took me awhile to realize that Faultless Defense totally screws over High/Low mixups. Not only that but the lag on turbo fall is unbearable. At least they gave her an FRC on it right? :rolleyes:

In regard to A.B.A at least it’s fun to have a new character to mess around with, even if it’s in a medium such as Isuka. Generally I’ve just been doing: K, S, HS, 623 + S, S, RC, 263 + S. Or some other variant, what about you guys?

My basic A.B.A combo is (this can be mashed out of pretty easily. ;_:wink:

[s.S -> 236s s]x3 -> c.D

Her j.HS has great cross-up mix-ups on wake-up after the trip. It’s such a non obvious cross-up!

Oh, and I plan on making a sexy red/black Johnny color in about 30 minutes. I’m just going to use Slayer’s Red/Black as reference. :smiley: Post up pictures of your colors if you guys have them!

I thought cross-ups didn’t exist in this game.


Random observations:
‘Change Lane’ attacks juggle nicely off of sweeps. Work paticularly well with Testament and Bridget.
A.B.A’s command grab in air can be easily combo’d into. Her little Slayer style dash, 236P while in normal mode is good setup to command throw if you FRC it. Also her normal ground throw seems to have good followup potential, but only while in second and third modes. That’s all for now.

The turnaround button is VERY annoying to get used to at times and the computer can pretty much rape you when it decides to go into 2 on 1 matches.
I’d say stick with GGXX.
And the final boss of the game…is huge and rediculous.

Isuka is pure chaos. its hella fun when you have 4 people playing all on joysticks and dont care who wins, its sooo a party game. if you thought leopalin (the boig dog that acts as last boss) is cheap when the computer plays it you should see a human play him… (bad memories brrrr).

the turn button is a noying at first, but you get used to it, what its really anoying in is in teh boost or roboky boost mode where its a side scroller, having to press the turn button in that mode is just EVIL.

I havent had time to create my own customized robo ky MkII yet but i can already say its broken as hell and I want to customize one one.

other characters you can unlock include the Zako I II and III, basicly they are the guys you beat up on in boost mode. and they have just as many moves in the reuglar game as in boost mode, which means next to none. (we tried a all zako FFA, that was hilarious, they dont do much damage, and have so liltte moves.)

more on the final bosss, hes freaking cheap, the only place that you can hurt him is his head, so you have to constantly jump up and hit him a couple atimes before falling to the ground and geting hit by him. Anjis energy ball move in the air (forgot the correct name for the move sorry) is usefull aganst him. building up the gaurd bar on leopoldin is reall easy though, you just hit him anywhere but the head.

thats my impressions of Isuka so far, me a nd friends still play #reloaded, Isuka is not a bad game, its just a really different stlye of gameplay compared to previous Guilty gear games. it has its own niche and all.

I find Iuska to be a good game.
It got me from playing #Reload for a while :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ll just go back to #Reload… but that only means I’m just heading right back to Isuka again :lol:

Fuck Isuka.

Even as just a game, I despised it. Ugly graphics, the characters were WAY too small, and the turn button is dumb.

Seems like its a love it or hate it game. :stuck_out_tongue: