Guilty Gear Isuka now on Steam

With 10% off until 23 January.

Well, this is certainly unexpected.

Wait… what?



Hopefully we might get Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue Chronophantasma
This might be Arc System Works testing the waters on PC.

Shittiest GG ever made.
GG is an amazing series. Don’t let this game ruin your experience, pretend it doesnt exist.

So instead of releasing GG AC+#R, PC users get Isuka. I just don’t understand the thinking here.

Isuka was already on PC from years back, it just got ported over to Steam.

Another smart play from arcsys, looks like they’re trying to turn potential customers away from their future games.

this seems like something Capcom would do

now they just have to say “no one bought our Steam GG game, which tells us none of you want a real GG sequel”

This is such a beautifully horrible game. It’s fun to play once.

It’s on for ~$6 and has been for a long time. The only reason it’s on Steam is that KISS Ltd. bought out a previous license holder and figured they’d try and make a few bucks.

Calm down, like others have mentioned this is just a steam port; Isuka has been on PC for ages. This is not Arc making any kind of move…

The people that would actually buy this on steam (IE: not the handful of informed GG fans), wouldn’t know that. They’d see this, think to themselves, ‘oh I’ve heard of guilty gear, maybe I’ll try it since it’s cheap.’ Than, after purchase, they’ll realize this fighting game that seemingly released in 2014, has no online play. Most will feel ripped off and give up on it right there. The few that stick with it and somehow manage to play some local 2v2 PC multiplayer will quickly realize the game is awful. How interested do you think these people would be in future guilty gear/arcsys titles?

Maybe it’s not arcsys doing, I don’t know, but someone is shooting them in the foot with this. If you were arcsys, would you want your new customers first experience with guilty gear, or your games in general, to be an outdated port of isuka with no online play?

I love this game. I, having since learned the controls, have never had the opportunity to play with anyone else. Ppl hatin on reload. It’s gonna get y’all no where. I’m sayin it now.

The ONLY tournament that ever took place for Guilty Gear Isuka, 17 minutes in.

Robo-ky mode and the OST makes the purchase worth it imo; either way, it’s not a game you take seriously…it’s just a fun spin-off.

Except the release date is listed as ‘20th June 2006’. Maybe you don’t use Steam much, but they’ve been re-releasing old games constantly for a while now; some people like it, some don’t (it pushes down actual new releases, blurs spotlights etc). Majority of people on Steam are well aware of this and will be well aware that this is just an old port as they’d be used to it by now. Doesn’t stop the few idiots in the Review’s section from making a fool out of themselves though…

GGI is fun if you have the right mind set for it, aka, don’t take it seriously.

Plus it allows for manly matches like 4 Potemkins/Slayers on a free for all :rock:

On the the games page yes, everywhere else (pop-up ad, recent releases, search results), no:

And even if you see the release date on the games main page, people aren’t going to assume no online, because we had plenty of online fighters before 2006, including guilty gear xx reload of all things, on xbox in 2004. My point was, most people who pick this up are going to feel ripped off. The people that know better (IE: us), aren’t going to touch it.