Guilty Gear Comic

Hello all, my first post and all. Hope you enjoy this little comic I’m making:

There are links in the description to take you to the next page.

Good shit man I like it!

looks good man. Very nice progress with the panelings. But the lighting effects are a bit too right, you should bring it down a tad and it will be straight.

yea your stuff is top notch man…Im really inspired to do some G.Gear Fan art…Im gettin hooked on the characters…especially now since G.G Isuka… :tup: what 3d application program did you use to create Dizzy and Jam?

Thanks! More on the way…

Can you provide a link example of the “look” you are refering too? I’ve been meaning for some time to downgrade the tone/shading becuase it takes too much time. But I haven’t foung a “simple look” that I’d be satisfied with. I’d appreciate it.

Yeah, Isuka is just plain insane if you have 4 good players, especially if you play teams. For Dizzy and Jam I used 3D Studio MAX.

well I don’t have a specific look that I want you to conform to. I just commented on the highlights, on the fist page. I couldn’t tell if it was smoke or light at first. I’m guessing that it’s light because of first panel. Instead of white you might want to use light gray instead. I like the shading though, otherwise. SFMC should be able to give you a better response.


Inspiring dragon…(refering to the commets made at Devart)…yeah keep it faithful to the game attire where you can… dont change it up too much she looks fine the way she is IMO…cant wait to see it finished…how much more pages do you have left in it?

Only two pages left to finish up this act.


This comic of yours on its own has made me want to go back to learning Baiken, thank you. I loved every moment of reading it and the personality you injected into each character.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and are motivated to learn Baiken :)… She’s one mean customer and is a commodity of the few. Only the best players pick her, cause she’s challanging and different to use.

Last page, page#20:

Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope this page presents more answers than questions

Warning: Faces are terrible.

dear leblack,

please stop being so awesome
its blinding

you’re like one of the few artists on here who critiques himself before we’re able to, what’s up with that?


That Manga is Top fucking Tier. I think you really need to hook up with Udon and Sammy and get this thing official.

Udon is waaaaay out of my league, and Sammy’s already got an official manga for Guilty Gear.
But thanks for the vote of confidence. I promise try harder to improve the quality of the art.

Shouldn’t it always be like this? Or as the saying goes “Accepting ones weakness is the way to strength”…
You comment actually encourages me to make a more detailed posts critiqing myself.

Such a comment coming for the modest and usualy silent Zazzarius is quite a compliment. respect
Keep up your part of the work! Your stuff has entered more PC’s out there than a Melissa virus!

…All the positive feedback has encouraged me go back and redraw the awefull faces. I’ll repost them hopefully by page 22.

Thanks all!

Well the thing is that many artists post their work here as so they can have the mistakes / faults in their work pointed out to them. Most of the time it’s not as apparent because they’ve drawn it, thus they need an outside point of view to take a gander at it.


Page#22 is up with a brand new assortmant of errors and hasty decisions: