Guile Tricks

Anyone wanna share Guile tricks or little tidbits that are fun to use or even useful?

Like: If you have a run groove, make you’re 2nd tap on a down-forward angle, he will run, but it will be charging, so by the time you run say full screen, you can press up+k and get a running flash kick. I know this isnt new and its been seen before, but i cant think of much right now.

Also, if you hit a flash kick, as soon as you land, jump. It will usually set you up for a really nice crossover, and super flash kick along with super jump does the same… not always, but its a close to perfect distance usually.

A little gimmick I have used before was charging c.lp, c.lp,, lvl 3 super… The is the knee that moves him forward, but you still keep your charge. I have seen a lot of people bite at this, if they try and turtle you can mix it up with throws or what not…

I play C-Guile (not well, but I still manage) and at the beginning of teh round, I sometimes do Sonic Hurricane for the heck of it, and it suprises me how many people try to attack you at the beginning of the round, So I catch some people off guard with the Super (Sorta like Balrog’s Giganton Blow)

whiff crouching fp at about sweep distance for a sonic hurricane set up.

I like Maj’s Guile tactics video at Lots of Guile tricks in that video. Very inspirational.

I total agree man ive downloaded all the video for Guile on that site. Awesome ideas but alot of them you dont really need.

Although lots of good ideas for combos to finish and enemy off at half health or less.


Like MegaZangief said, alot of people will try and punish your knee bazooka, therefore it’s a great setup for a Sonic Hurricane or Total Wipeout. Some basic things I’ve learned on XBL with Guile are…

After you get knockdown, they usually run at you or crouch next to you baiting you for a Flash Kick, so I pretty much throw them or just start a guard crush string. If your opponent is C-Groove, be more careful of using the flashkick because they have air-block, if they’ve air blocked a few of your flash kicks, try to air throw them next time.

Even though it’s hard to, try to remember who can duck under your and your backfist, sometimes I tend to forget and when I did that, I usually get punished by a super. Does someone has a list of the ones who couldn’t duck them?

That’s all I got for now…sorry if they’re useless tips or whatever, but yeah…

Here is some random stuff that I find useful…

At the start of a round I sometimes do a backfist to most characters except Cammy, Hibiki, Blanka and Nak.

At the start of the round against Blanka I sometimes go for the crossup lk, 2 c. lp into flashkick for a free 4 hit and another rossup opportnity on wakeup. (Note: I only do this if they go for a slide)

Against Cammy, I bait her cannon drill with my standing mk moving backwards. This sets her up for all kinds of tricks.

Against Chun, I try to keep the best zone distance and c. mp or s. mp walk forward into rh suplex when they try to land and roll.

Against Zangief I zone the hell out of him with j. sb and backfists. I mix it up with s. mk and crouching mk. Keeps even the best Gief players at bay.

Against Sakura, (especially against A Sak) I do lots of s. rh and jumping straight up rh. This helps stop all her bullshit angle divekicks.

That’s it for now. Hope it helps a fellow Guile player out.:smiley:


Hmm I finnally remembered I had trouble with Cammy, what to do after a blocked cannon drill? (the ones that JUST hits you)

if they can space it right it can be 100% safe, but for the most part a sonic hurricane should hit.

zeronian is right, but I find that most Cammy abusers go for the thrust kick immediately after the drill kick. This gives you a shot at a standing RH or backfist retalliation.


you should RC flash kick all cannon drills. and try not to throw many Booms.

roll flash kick =D
roll throw
roll super
works all day

eh xbox live

Cammy’s cannon drill at the right distance is unpunishable, b+lk over her cannon drill, then xx super.

Yeah, drill i sgood against Guile… so you gotta kick it before it hits you, dont give her the chance to make you block. :smiley:

When your opponent is using C/P/K-groove and they try to jump bait out your flash kick, you can go for an air throw.

But if you want to go for more damage, you can do a deep lvl2 somersault super and juggle with a Hp sonic boom. 6 Hits around 3650 damage.

far (they think they can hit you) Sonic Hurricane.

a trick i use every once in a while is to get the charge(from a crouch) then HP. guile stands right up and does the uppercut. that usually makes your opponent wanna jump in. then right after they jump in your range flash kick. Fakes them out every once in a while.

meh I don’t know

Three Jabs into sonic hurricane combos. It’s the only way I do it.

That’s all I got.

For sonic hurricane, if I use it to punish an opponent’s mistake, is always cancelled off a c. mk. Hella range, an extra hit and I always get it as a counter hit.

Guile also shouldn’t need to roll. The only time I’ll use it now is to run away. Seemingly random pokes is the best game to play.