Guile tips?

I had a quick search and couldn’t find anything on Guile so was hoping people could help me out. Pretty new to the game, played it for a while when it was out on the PS2, but I’ve only started trying to play seriously since it’s come out on PSN. Basically I’ve made a Street Fighter team of Cammy (dash/beta)/Ryu (projectile/beta)/Guile(AA) to try n get the World Warriors trophy but have found the team quite fun to play in general. My main problem is Guile seems to let me down when I’m forced to use him, I don’t want to remove him 'cos I find his assist really useful, any tips on how to use him?

Guile is very versatile, but kinda has a tough time against higher tiers. I’ll give you advice for him (and the rest of the team) in general, not for specific opponents.

Playing Cammy
Starting with Cammy, she has a lot of nice combos, that can be cancelled into HC’s. Well, as far as assist combinations, you may have the wrong assist types to string together combos. One that comes to mind is simply cr.lk2 + Guile AA, lock-on super. As for Ryu, his projectile may be used more for defensive, rather than offensive tacs.

Playing Guile
First off, he has nice standing and aerial combos, so practice and perfect these combos. The next thing you want to do is, work on his aerial combos in the corner.
In the corner:, cr.hp, lp, lk, lp, hp, landing+hk, land,, cr.hp. The last hit (cr.hp uppercut) will knock them upwards, in which you can jump in and grab them. Thats some of the basic/advanced tactics.

Playing Ryu
Ryu is great for conscious, methodical and patience gameplay. He has above-average offense, and decent stamina. Try to keep him safe in the team, cause he may be the best out of all of them.
cr.lk2, Cammy (dash), hurricane/cancel to shinku hadoken. Nice, simple yet effective combo, and nice damage.
For Guile AA, Guile will knock them up/back, so there’s not much you can string with that assist type. To take a phrase from a kung-fu flick, you need to get “stuck in” with the combo, meaning as soon as Guile connects, immediately do a move to connect into the assist attack, before they are launched into the air. I hope you understood that a little.

Overall, you should work on grabs, aerial grabs and’s. These things are essential to these specific Capcom fighters, since they most likely are against the grain versus high tiers.

Hope I helped out a bit with this team.

Thanks for the reply and advice. I’ve been quite trigger happy with Ryu’s assist so will work on that.
I get what you mean with the assist before launching them, I was trying the same idea whilst learning with capcom n cable.
Just for future reference, what would be a more suitable set of assists for stringing combos?

Just off the top, I can think of some cool, effective combinations with the team.
I’ll give you some basic stuff to work on as well, so you wont bash your brain about assist combo difficulty,etc.

Cammy Basic combo#1- lp2, hp, cannon drill/lock-on super. Note: You have to cancel cannon drill really fast, so the intial kick of the lock-on will lift them up, instead of just simply kicking them.

Cammy Basic Combo#2- Corner:, cr.hp, lk, cannon drill, land,, cr.hp, jump in+grab,, cr.hp. Note: You want to only do one hit aerial, then cannon drill, so you can land with, etc.

Ryu Stradegy#1- Note: His combos are fairly easy, so I’ll give you some advanced tactics. Corner: lk2, hurricane (hk), land, quick grab or, cr.hp//aerial combo.

Ryu Stradegy#2- cr.lk2,, hurricane (lk), dummy, quick grab. Note: The “dummy” is a whiff move on purpose. This works on occasions, but most roll out of it. Nevertheless, its a great stradegy for Ryu.

Guile Combo/Stradegy#1- Corner: cr.lk2,, jump in with dummy lk, Hurricane or Somersault Strike.

Guile Combo/Stradegy#2- Simple, yet effective…, cr.hp, pause…wait til they drop to right above you, then Somersault Strike. This works sometimes, due to a bit of deception, but its not suggested for good opponents.

Team Assist Combos

Cammy/Ryu Combo#1-, cr.hp, hp, Ryu, cannon drill, lock-on. Note: Ryu’s anti-air takes a lot of damage, in which combined with lock-on, does like 100 on Magneto, and others.
Cammy/Ryu Combo#2- Corner: hp grab, cannon spike (anti-air move) + Ryu, cancel into lock-on. Does 96 on Magneto. =_+
Cammy/Guile Combo#1- lp2, hp, Guile, lock-on. Aim upwards…
Cammy/Guile Combo#2-, cr.hp, hp, Guile, dbljump, cannon drill//lock-on. Note: The last wave of Guile’s anti-air will connect, allowing for dbljump cannon drill.

Ryu/Cammy Combo#1- lp2, hp, Cammy, shinku hadoken. The last hp will stun, Cammy will connect, and shinku will connect before they bounce back. 90 damage on most.
Corner: cr.lk2,, Cammy, hurricane (lk), level 3!!! To connect this rare move, your lk hurricane whiffs quickly, bringing you down faster than the opponent falling back from Cammy’s cannon drill. Before they land, perform level 3. The first part of the uppercut will lift them, and…BAM!!! 96 damage…
Ryu/Guile- I dont really have much for guile, so his anti-air will be used for defense.

Guile/Cammy Combo#1- Corner: cr.lk2,, Cammy (wait til the end of the last hit of the sweep), cr.hp, aerial OR Somersault Strike. NOT Sonic Hurricane, it wont connect. Only advanced combo I have with Guile/Cammy.
Guile/Ryu Combo#1- Corner:, cr.hp, hk, Ryu, aerial super. Note: Time Ryu’s assist carefully, so it can position your opponent into Guile’s super.
Only advanced combo with Ryu.

Well, this team is kinda solo-combo oriented, meaning other than a THC, there’s not much else you can do as far as assist combinations and such. So, kinda just focus on individual combos, and just basically work on defense, wave dash, etc. A huge plus though, is their grabs. The grabs are harder to tech out of, so practice grabbing the cpu.

Is there anybody else we can use with Guile.Im currently trying to find my team and i really like using him. Idk if this would work lol or i was using Guile/BlackHeart/Gambit then i tryed Guile/BlackHeart/Dr.Doom =o

Ima help you out since nobody responded.

First you said you need other players, my fav team is GUILE(AA)/HULK(DASH)/Iron Man(AA).

I choose this team for a few reasons.

One is because they compliment each other well…

FIrst reason is because hulk’s dash goes through most single projectiles and it takes out rushers. Hulk by himself does crazy damage, put him as your lead you u will see what I mean. Not to mention he takes crazy damage and pushes on.

ONly thing you really need to know with hulk is that his lk lk (either jumping or standing) has great priority and is fast coming out and semi easy to combo into(depends what the other person does. Well anyway, only thing you really need to know is do the gamma charge (hold back forward) then right when it connects you can either do the meteor crush for crazy damage or if your in one of the far corners you can do the rock super (wait till hulk passes to other side) to carry them to the other corner and do good damage (14 hits if mashed).

I give you that info because not many know how to play with hulk. Ironman is pretty straight forward and looking at most strat guides will teach you how to play with him.

ANyway, the main reason I pick this team is for the triple special damage. I have a few set ups but since this is for guile Ill tell you my two main ones.

Of cours its the double trip but instead of doing one speacial, push both your assits to do a triple speacial and murder that character regardless of how much life he has. Doubles with hulk second work great too since hUlk is doing most of the damage.

Next is guile back breaker combo.

Launcher, lp, lk, lp, lk, slight pause, forward HK. (will slam opp on ground) Lk OTG, Launch, Repeat.

Or you can do Launch lp, lk Forward HK or any variation of the first 4 hits.

My set up for the triple with this is that when you slam them on the ground and you do the lk to pick them off of the ground. Just push both your assists and you will otg them then triple them.

GUile holds knocks them up, IRon man hold them in place, and hulk smashes there face :slight_smile:

LOL. I actually use the exact same team (guile/hulk/IM) in casuals. It’s nasty. And I love the triple super as well. The ability to kill a character or an assist with the press of 2 buttons is always good.

Be careful when doing guiles back breaker combo since it can be easily rolled out of. And if that happens, you can easily lose your momentum with guile; and that is hard to get back since he has no easy way of getting close to an opponent. For guaranteed hits, just do,, THC.

why would you guys purposely ignore free life for that back breaker setup? any smart player is going to tech that shit every time and then you miss out on you fp, rh life and a KD setup. Pretty sure guiles RH air throw has 2 tech hit point, the initial grab and the immediately after the back breaker happens. Even if you get the air throw, there’s more than enough time to tech the last part after the back breaker happens. As a guile player, that air combo, back breaker setup is not recommended.

The best spot for the back breaker with guile is as a counter for NJ’s. Its even better when guile does a RH air throw very low as he’s falling down. It seems like it makes him land faster and the tech time changes from the ascending NJ air throw. If there’s 1 way to get a combo after the back breaker, it will be off a low nj air throw counter.

Guile priority is top notch, very god like priority. However, he’s pretty slow. I’d pick a good fwd assist that he could follow up easily. Guile really likes sent\drones. Since guiles c.fp is one of the best in the game, an easy game plan to follow is to flood the ground making the opponent jump into the air. Once you get that established, they have to respect guiles air normals, his low RH air throw, TK flash kick, and c.fp. C.fp hits fat on both sides so you can use this as anti crossup tool or crossup with it.