Guile Moveset and Attributes

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Normal Moves

This is not a complete list of all of Guile’s normal moves, just the ones we think are noteworthy.

Overhead Punch
Comes out pretty fast and has good range for an overhead.

Anti-air Kick
A surprisingly effective move to counter air attacks.

Crouching Uppercut
Still one of Guile’s best options for countering jump in attacks.

Bazooka Knee
This makes Guile leap forward with his knee out. Good for quickly moving forward and playing a ‘zone’ game.

:lk: (In the air)
Cross Up Knee
The only known way to cross up the other fighter with Guile while jumping in. This move isn’t as effective as it was in Super Turbo.

Special Moves

A (2) next to an arrow means to hold the joystick in that direction for 2 seconds to ‘charge’ the move.

With moves that charge by holding back or down, you can use the diagonal positions to charge up as well. For example, if you’re holding back, you can jump backwards or block low and still maintain your charge.

(2):l::r:+ :p:
Sonic Boom
A really good projectile, it’s a bit sped up from previous Sonic Booms in other Street Fighter games.

You can spam the heck out of these because the recovery and charge times are quite forgiving.

To follow behind it and set up some of Guile’s Street Fighter 2 tricks, you may need to dash instead of just holding forward though.

Flash Kick (Somersault Kick) Armor Breaking
Guile’s famous anti-air move is back, in mostly true form. It’s anti-air properties are pretty decent still, but now it’s also good against people who stick out pokes and low attacks.

The Kick button pressed determines the range and power of this move. Light Kick is good for countering attacks made on the ground, but it does the least damage.

Hard Kick flies up more vertically and does the most damage, but if you miss with it you can kiss goodbye to a good portion of your power. Medium is a mix of the two.

This move has a bit more combo potential this time around, as you can do a jump in attack, three quick Light Punches and then go right into his Somersault Kick. Again, the recovery on this move is as terrible as ever though, so make sure you land it.

:lp:+:lk: (In the air)
Air Throw
A pretty good anti-air move if you can anticipate a jump in from your opponent.

Having the joystick in a neutral position or forward will result in a backbreaker, and holding back makes Guile do an air slam.

EX Moves

EX-Sonic Boom
Hits twice, and it’s a great way to keep pressure on your opponent. It’s also faster than the Hard Punch normal version of the Sonic Boom, meaning it’s VERY quick.

This attack works well against fireball spammers, because your EX-Sonic Boom can take one projectile and still keep going, plus its speed can really throw them off.

EX-Flash Kick (Somersault Kick) Armor Breaking
The EX version of this attack increases damage, range and priority it also hits twice. This is a good, “Get the heck off me!” move.

Super and Ultra Moves

Double Flash Kick (Super Somersault Kick)
Very, very few practical uses for this attack. You can use this to punish your opponent when they leave themselves open, but you’re best off spending your Super meter on EX moves.

Flash Kick Explosion (Ultra Somersault Kick)
Guile does a series of three Somersault Kicks resulting in big damage if they land. This is a good anti-air measure if you can pull off the motion consistently.

any combo help would be great

So I’ve been playing around with guile today and I think they made it easier to super cancel his SB and FK. I had alot of problems doing it in the arcade version. It was definately more difficult than the other characters. I am able to do the super cancel way more than I used to and I don’t think it’s this TE madcatz stick. I think they increased the window you can super cancel the SB and FK.

Any combos leading into a flash kick would be appreciated, thanks.

J. HK > C.LP > C.LP > Flashkick

I prefer the LK Flashkick.

Does anyone know his kara throw? Hows the range on it, too?

The range on his kara throw is miniscule.

After some some sets with some decent shotos who were masters at getting in, I realized for bovious reason you have to mic your antiairs up.

hahaha I was actually practicing his kara throw with mp at first and thought to myself, “hey this is actually pretty good!” Then I realized that his standing mp changes when you’re close to the opponent. :frowning:

Can any experienced Guile players list the uses for some of the lesser used normal moves? Specifically, the sabot kicks, the upside down kick (lol, don’t know the real name for it), and both version of standing fierce? I feel like I could be doing more with those, but I don’t know when to utilize them.

I don’t really use sabot and upside down kick as a part of my strategy at the moment. but regarding the fierces… s.HP i use this for anti air if opponent jumps from afar and c.HP for close jump ins. I usually spam sb and walk backwards and wait for them to come to me. I use those punches depending how close they are to me. but at random situation, i follow my sb with sweep (or target combo)

try using a backward sobat right after you do some close up normals to somebody. if don’t right they’ll try to throw you, and you’ll punish their whiff. I haven’t tries it much against command grabs but the same should still apply. basically backwards sobat is for moving backkwards and attacking simultaneously, so it could be an ok way to avoid things

Knee bazooka to get mid range and throw boom, knee bazooka later wait and see if they jump or do something anticipating a boom.

I learned the hard way that Ultra does NOT armor break. Granted, given that it hits multiple times, you break through it eventually, but I’m sure that with a DC an enemy could get away.

Funny story time; was doing great against online Kens with Guile (following the flowchart :rofl:) and then I’m up against Pryde4lyfe (whom I recognized as SRK’s Pryde). And I got the ass handed to me on a platter.

I did get a cr. MP to connect, and tried to combo it into Super (in the hopes of juggling w/ Ultra after), but it doesn’t come out. Made me sad.

Anyone else spend extensive time in the training room to shore up your leaks?

For some reason I’ve had a mental block against jump-in attacks.

Any ‘far’ jump-in was relatively easy to counter with either a :r: :hp: or :hp:… but my timing for the cr.:hp: was off. For me there appeared to be a deadzone between st.:hp: and cr.:hp:.

So I’d record a jump-in and iterate on that at multiple ranges to train my muscle memory to respond to the visuals.

I’ve tried doing a quick tap focus absorb on the jump in but I’m finding the release timing for the buttons isn’t consistent on the pad. Should st. :mk: fill in this gap, or just assume late jump-ins are airthrow punishable to keep them guessing?

I’m also finding that the xbox analog stick leaves a lot to be desired. I’m so used to having a square gate for my charge characters, I often find myself drifting from the corners and losing a charge point.

Im not an expert Guile player, but I did the same testing as you did for about an hour, and I find pretty much every single regular move have some anti-air use, even cr. mp. But if you stand in one spot, there appears to be a very small dead zone, however, as far as I know, from the moment people jump at you, you have enough time to move forward or back to adjust enough for something.

From Gilley’s post in the match-up thread.

I do feel the timing of my charge is more ‘sluggish’ in 2-3 bar online matches. Maybe it’s just me but it feels that it takes longer to register the charge. The lag games are where I end up botching half of my wake-up EX FK. It just feels it’s far easier to prebuffer qcf’s than charge moves during laggy games. There are times I wish the game HUD showed ping bars.

The moving around works well until my back is against a wall, and then I’m looking to do the reverse throw. I’ve gotten into games where my zoning is near perfect, and it’s easy. Then some games where I’m just a touch off and I’ll trade or get stuffed on my AA attempts.

What im practicing is to find moves that will make them jump. That’s what i’m doing. It works for average players. Example… i walk back… throw a boom… and dash forward (maybe twice)… most of the average players… make their jump in at that point… so… i am prepared to launch my c.fp and can hit them.

c.lp ->boom ->flash ->super

Anyone experimented with this baby:cool:

I thought the boom could only be canceled by the Super, or are you able to link it?

Oh… your right:xeye:

got a little overexcited…

c.lp -> boom -> super
c.lp -> flash -> super