Guile Mixup with Meaty Booms

Hey guys, this is just a thread wondering what kind of mixup you guys do after knockdowns and when you use a meaty boom on wakeup (e.g. forward throw, sonic boom, j. hp/k).

A few really -

-overhead -> overhead c.lp -> bnb
-jump ->
-empty ->
----> bnb

It’s pretty good pressure - he really has all the same tools everyone does - he just doesn’t have a single mindless combo that should always be done, you have to do a bit of work to score that 200-300 damage

Sonic boom mix ups are so good, to the point in which I really begin to appreciate Far St.Mp xx Sonic boom as ain anti air, one of my favorite anti airs of Guile’s AA collection, since I can pretty much do any of SiYk0’s listed options :D.

Hey, why use j.HP over j.HK? Is that just a personal preference? Better hit box for jump-ins or something? Just curious what you think.

I guess it provides SLIGHTLY more hitstun, I guess.

I think the hitstun / blockstun is better than, plus it seems to do better against AA. has great range so there must be a tradeoff, right?

I think both have the same hitstun, if i am reading this data correctly. it mostly has to do with hp having the smaller hit box, so its easier to recovery during the hit stun, because one obviously using the move in accordance to its length.

Its why, it explains why its easier to GHL after a j.hp, then a, because needs to be deeper, and j.hp, is naturally deeper.

If they don’t have a godly reversal/EX/Ultra ready on wakeup, meaty Target Combo is your best buddy. Almost no one remembers to blocks that shit. When hit with it, a lot of players will either a.) get shook and sit there in defense mode, b.) jump out (which you will stuff with Air Throw), or c.) reversal. Either way I usually charge db immediately after hit just to make sure I have options. Typically after it hits, I’ll either fake/tick cr. Jab/Short into to Jab Boom, bait an attack and Short FK the recovery, tick throw, cr. Jab/Short mixups, or do a backwards Sobat to bait a jump-in or counterattack. If the Boom is blocked, I usually go back to Target Combo to keep up the pressure, stick out stand Fierce and low Strong liberally, and maybe throw an FADC in the mix just in case.

No offense but this is pretty scrubby. Experienced players will definitely know of the option and not ‘forget’ to block it, and certainly not sit there in shock after it hits. It’s a valid option, yes, but relying on it to totally confuse the opponent is not going to go very far at all.

The target combo itself isn’t confusing to a good player, it’s the options you have afterward on block/hit. And it’s definitely not hard to get hit with, almost everyone eats low Forward at least a couple of times in a Guile match. It’s a great pressure tool, but just like any move or tactic it can be abused and punished. If anything it’s a lot more effective in a corner where they have fewer options to get out. I’m more of a bulldog Guile player and it’s hardly uncommon with me for people to get pinned down with in-your-face Booms and pokes (especially in the corner), freak out, and fall for stupid shit.

It’s even on hit and -3 on block - and since Guile has a 4 frame c.lp and then it might as well be -1 on hit. Good tool, yeah, but it’s not a good lead-in to pressure at all.

here are a couple more that I do, depending on character

-s.hp(this one trades shoriukens,and the damage is pretty even)
-sonic boom(not to hit him on wakeup but to barely miss), -grab
-sonic boom, FADC, target combo,,target combo,,,target combo,c.lp>grab,,,,,,,,, grab

the following are mostly against characters that dont have a dragon punch type of move.,grab, any sort of string,target combo,,target combo,,grab

I do get reversed a lot(lol) but I try to mix them up as much as possible.

I like Monsterer’s madness; a couple I love with crossup

-hit early (shoulder level) to throw
-hit early (shoulder level) to tick throw
-hit late (waist or below) confirm c.lp s.lp xx boom or FK
-hit late (waist or below) c.lp boom
-very early crossup (whiff) xx FK or boom

now that you mention the (waist above or below) <-this is very important and thats probably why I get srk some times. watch my video when I tried to do this and the was not timed well. Other than that, if you get your opponent thinking about the throws and overhead, I stronly suggest the neutral jump mk mixups.

Yo Monsterer good looks teaching me some stuff today. Much appreciated. You got a real nice Guile, best I’ve played online for sure… I felt VERY scrubby lol

thx man, hopefuly I can get your level up quicker by playing you more.

great thread, im new to SF4 so im tryin to take in as much info as i can.

I have experimented Guile Meaty Sonic booms on wake up, and I have found a new gimmicky trick after Cr.Rh.

Basically mostly used in corner (since its the only safe way to combo into sweep), after the sweep, do a Hp.sonic boom FADC. If done right, the sonic boom will not hit them, and can go for a free throw.

This set up is confusing and extremely fast, probably can not be reacted ( you never know if it is a Lp or Hp sonic boom ), and the only chance to counter this set up is mashing jabs or reversals, but these are beaten by frame traps or meaty booms.

I tried it against shotos (ryu ken akuma dan), guile sagat and dudley, didnt go for the rest, but I doubt any character have an extended hitbox on his/her back.

Note: the sweep must be connected from the leg portion, not the foot, otherwise the set up becomes more difficult/impossible and probably character specific.

Combos so far which leads to this set up:

You cornered somehow managed to: cross up lk, -> cr.lp -> xx Boom -> sweep

any grounded combo (no juggle) -> Guile high kick -> sweep (sagat, rufus, abel, t hawk and hakan have large hitboxes when comboed, so chances are that GHK will hit on its tip, resulting to hitting sweep at the foot area, increasing the difficulty of the set up)

Remember this is a gimmick and best used to mind blow opponent when they least expect it.