Guile Footsies?

I was really wondering lately whats the most effective way to play footsies with Guile? I know he’s got great normals but here’s my question: Should you hold down back and charge for a sonic boom while footsying? OR should I be walking back and forth more trying to space a little more and worry less about charge?

i think waht ur asking for is charge buffering. this will let u use ur normals, playing footsies and keep ur charge

nah i know how to do that. i mean like. play footsies by not holding any charge and just walking back and forth

Depends on the situation, namely your style and their character.

If you want to play footsies Guile can rock it. With above average walk speed, good pokes (, s.hp,, good sweep for whiff punishing (Be 100% sure though), a specialized poke in backfist (Feel it out, but don’t abuse it) Guile gets the job done.

Also, if you can’t out poke them with normals use sonic boom as a footsie poke. Make them whiff then throw it. Think of your booms as a quick startup, chip damage poke with no hurtbox at the cost of a charge.

just wanna mention be wary of focus attacks, make sure u got a boom charged or a link ready.

When you’re playing your footsies, are you doing it with the intent of playing an aggressive guile? Or do you start matching pokes with people just when they get too close in your zoning game? Something I’ve had trouble with is figuring out when is a good time to walk forward and start poking, or when I should hold my ground and throw booms. Any thoughts?

guile has a zone around him like a bubble where u want to keep controll of. use ur superior normals and fast booms to mantain controll. this vid i found on the site is a very cool example of it.

thread i got it from Di3mini0n , Guile vs Shoto character

That video was so nice to watch. I love his space control. I personally am never in the right spot to crouch fierce and I usually use stand fierce as an anti air. I’m so worried about throwing booms that my actual zoning game suffers. I appreciate that vid cuz it shows that you don’t need to downback the entire round.