Guile Flash Kick FADC Ultra 1

Does any1 tried it on ps3 or xbox? Is it possible on pc change frame from variable to rate? I’m thinking on doing it with: uf, db, HK, cr.lp, cr.lp, uf,db,, hk, fadc, f, f, df, d, db,b,ub +kkk. the secret here is do uf, db like a cancel of cr.lp with a SB, this way guile will not jump.

I have the game on all three systems, and none of them look like that.  Not saying it’s fake, just saying it’s shady.

Very possible also very difficult. Someone in the forums did the combo. Very tricky. The trick is to delay the flashkick cancel so you can build enough charge for the Ultra 1. You have to make sure you have the charge for the flashkick when you do the jump in hk to cr.lp then press and hit the kick button to get the flashkick to execute. By pushing up during the cr.lp frames, you’ve released the charge for the flashkick and are already starting a second charge for whatever special/ultra you choose afterwards. You have only a certain number of frames before the game releases the input memory for the initial flashkick. I believe it’s something like 7 or 12 frames. Not sure.