Guile button config with Arcade Stick

So I bought a Hori EX2 fighting stick to play SSFIV with Guile. Being a pad/analog-stick player I have a really hard time to get used to a fighting stick…

I also don’t like the standard button configuration. Does anyone here play Guile with a fight stick and uses a particular button configuration that works well? My stick has a 6 button layout. There are also 2 buttons on top but I avoid using them since they’re horribly positioned.

My config:

top row going left-right:
jab, medium punch, strong punch

bottom row going left-right:
light kick, medium kick, strong kick

This works best for me. But mainly I’d say experiment and find what is most comfortable for you. Pad to stick you will find very cumbersome at first but it comes naturally with time. Hope this helps and good luck.

I can’t fathom not using the standard arcade configuration of

Don’t practice on non-standard or it will bite you in the ass in the future. You just need time to adjust to a stick.

100% agree

How come? I’ve seen good players with odd-looking configs.

Well personally I play in the arcade more than on console so I would never be able to adapt easily to a different control layout everytime I switch. Muscle memory is not that easy to overcome. In a tournament environment, it’s just a little easier when you use standard layouts should you need to use someone elses stick or minimize time for button config. Of course there’s nothing stopping you doing whatever you want, but the default layout is clearly what the game is designed around.

Throw, Focus Attack, Red Focus, EX attacks, Ultras, 4-button tech - these all use specific multiple button inputs that are fairly ergonomically friendly in the default config. Plinking for many attacks is also fairly natural, especially for Guile’s needs as he doesn’t need to plink light attacks.

Yeah true.

Thanks for all the replies. I guess laying down the standard Xbox-controller and switching to the fighting-stick is the right thing to do…

I think sticks are more precise than controllers. I can never do fk-fadc-u2 with Dualshock 3 but I can do it easily with the stick. Dualshock 3 is still amazing though.