Guide for Street Fighter V - Free Mobile app for iOS and Android - MOVE PUNISHER + FRAME DATA ADDED!



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UPDATE 3/8/2016

Move Punisher is now available on iOS!

That was one of the quickest turn arounds ever for iOS.

UPDATE 3/6/2016

Finished up the move punisher tool. It’s a tool to quickly tell you what moves your character can punish for your opponent, and how many frames you have to punish them.

Here’s a quick video of how it works on the iOS version:

The Android version has been uploaded so expect the update shortly, and the iOS one has been submitted so probably a week or so for it to be available.

UPDATE 2/26/2016

Just submitted the app to iOS for the frame data update. Here’s a small video of how it looks in the app.

Android version is now live as well.

UPDATE 2/3/15

F.A.N.G.'s moves list has been added to the iOS and Android app. As usual the Android one will be live in an hour or so, however long it takes to propogate, but the iOS one will take around a week to go through submission process.

Expect to see the final releases frame data shortly after release as well as the move punisher tool

UPDATE 12/18/15

I just uploaded version 1.8 to both iOS and Google Play stores, which was the update with Dhalsim’s moves list.

As usual the iOS one will take like a week so sorry iOS users that you won’t have Dhalsim’s moves list for the beta 3, but the Android people should see the update pop up shortly and you should be able to have Dhalsim’s moves list before he is out for the beta so start making those custom combos!

UPDATE 10/25/15

Just updated both versions with the changes to moves in Beta 2.

Android one should be live shortly, while iOS one will be about a week for review as usual, which sucks that it won’t be available for the remainder of this beta.

UPDATE 10/9/15

Alright the update for Laura and Zangief is complete.

I just pushed it to the Android store so should be out in a couple hours or so.

And the iOS one will be uploaded after the previous big update finally goes through review which should be a few days I hope.

UPDATE 10/3/15

Finally got around to fixing the layout issue on iOS 9 and just submitted the update. Karin and Rashid are also in that update. Hopefully it will be a quick review since the original binary was rejected.

UPDATE 9/30/15

I updated the Android version with Karin last night.

I have the update ready for iOS however I’m having an issue with layouts on iOS 9 that I’m trying to figure out. On the same iPhone 6, the layout just looks different on iOS 8 vs. iOS 9. I have to figure out what setting is wrong before I can update it.

UPDATE 9/13/15

Updated with Rashid’s info. It should go live on Android within an hour or so, and the iOS one will have to be submitted once this other update is through review, which is hopefully in a day or so.

UPDATE 9/2/15

Updated the following info:

I called it “V-Meter” and “CA-meter” in the app to clarify.

I also added a support button in the prefs page so people know where to go for support or to suggest things. That won’t help many people in here since you already know about the thread, but just let you all know.

iOS one has been submitted and should be about a week.

UPDATE 8/28/15

R. Mika update has been pushed to Android and iOS. Expect the Android update to hit in an hour or so, and the iOS one as usual has to go through review process.

I also added Normal Throws for everyone, which clarifies which characters have air throws and which don’t.

UPDATE 8/15/15

Unique Attacks have been added. If the character has Target Combos, they are listed down in the Unique Attacks Section.

UPDATE 8/10/15

Just updated with the correct moves names for Necalli and Vega.

UPDATE 8/6/15

Just updated the app with Ken, Necalli, and Vega’s moves lists.

UPDATE 7/31/15

If anyone has iOS 7 and was trying to get it before and couldn’t, the update for iOS 7 is now on the app store after a lengthy review process!

UPDATE 7/22/15

I just updated the iOS version to support iOS 7. Unfortunately it probably won’t be ready in time for the first round of the beta due to the slow times for Apple review process.


I first just want to say that I got mod approval for this before making this post, so they said it was okay to do.

As some of you may know, I make mobile guides for multiple fighting games and have for a few years now.

Yesterday, after rushing to get it finished after having to prepare for my wife’s birthday last weekend, packing/planning for my vacation tomorrow, and having a 3.5 month old around the house, I’ve finally finished my SF5 Guide for Android and iOS.

As mentioned, this app is FREE so go grab it for your platform and check it out!

There is more in the description at the links above, but a quick overview of what is included is the following:

[] V-Moves: This lists the V-Skill, V-Trigger, and V-Reversal for each character as well as a description.
] Special Moves: The complete list of known/released special moves for the character.
[] Critical Arts: The list of Critical Art(s) that each character has.
] Custom Combos: With the new “move keyboard” you can enter your combo name, some notes for it, and the moves for it, and have it displayed to you in the format of the other moves.
[] Frame Data: **COMING SOON - this data is not known yet - it will be added as it becomes available
] Move Punisher: **COMING SOON - since this uses the frame data and that isn’t known yet, this has yet to be added as well, but will be coming when the frame data is available!
[*] Notes: Save notes for each character on a character by character basis

Right now it JUST has the 6 characters in the beta in it. I plan to make this app a “living” guide for the game and it will continue as the game comes to it’s final stages. So once more information about a new challenger is announced, it will be added in there and updated. I have not added Ken yet because I don’t know his moves yet and he won’t be in the beta.

But this will happen up until AND after the game has been released.

Also expect BnB’s to be added after the first round of the Beta finishes, because for now, I simply can’t tell you BnB’s :slight_smile: I’ll also be adding a link to the character forums from inside the app, once they are created here on SRK forums.

Once the final game is released and the frame data is available, I plan on adding it into the app. If you’ve downloaded any of my old apps, you know I have a list of frame data in a grid format. Well in my latest app (my MKX app), I also made it so that the move in the list is clickable and you can just get the frame data when viewing the move lists, as WELL as having the list view.

With that, I plan to add my “Move Punisher” tool, which is basically a calculator to show you what moves you can and can’t punish, based on frame data.

If you are curious to see how the Frame Data and Move Punisher stuff will work, check out my MKX app on the iOS/Android stores and you will see how it works.

Additionally, while the app is free, there is an in-app purchase that will remove the ads that are on there. In addition, the in-app purchase will allow you to have unlimited custom combos per character in the Custom Combo tool. Right now in the free version it is limited to 2 custom combos per character.

I’d like to make this thread the “official” thread for this app, so if you find bugs and have suggestions/features you would like, please post them here.

And if you download and enjoy the app, I’d appreciate a good rating, the ratings help me out :slight_smile:

So with that said … check it out!

That’s awesome man, I will download it now preparing for the beta next week. Thanks for the hard work!

Cool man no problem! I am excited for this game so I wanted to get it out as early as possible to as many people as possible! Enjoy!

Good stuff!!! Just so you know, just so you know Sohatsukei is actually Sou Hakkei from A3.

Cool thanks. I just got the moves lists from IGN and here. I’m sure there will be an update as soon as the beta is out :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get that out until probably Sunday as I get back from vacation this Saturday. Sucks I won’t even be able to play the beta for a few days lol, nearly brought my PS4 with me. I am leaving shortly, still debating bringing it…

Awesome stuff. Keep it up man!

Glad you are enjoying it!

Downloaded. Glad i got to see inputs for specials. I can "shadow box " when I’m bored.

Only couple more days and it will be useful!

Downloaded and purchased the Pro version just like your excellent MKX app, I know it’s $.99 well-spent. Can you add the Jab/Strong/Fierce and Short/Forward/Roundhouse notations for punches and kicks, respectively?

Kudos and a job well done man, downloading now and upgraded to the pro version.

Enjoy, thanks!

Can you tell me what you mean exactly? Typically for SF I’ve used the low/medium/hard icons. Are you just talking about another set of icons to for those 6 buttons, and have a preference like in MKX to select between the different ones?

Thanks dude enjoy!

Once you have access to the beta, I recommend adding command normals/target combos. It should be easy to get as a group, and is useful for new players.

Yep for sure, that is already in the plan. I want to add a BnB section as well, and will probably throw target combos into there and just label them as such. I’ll make a specific target combo section though if all chars have them, but if they are like SF4 where only a handful of chars have them, I’ll just throw them into the BnB section.

And the command normals stuff is basically what I used to call “Unique Attacks” in my older SF guides, so I definitely plan on adding that stuff.

Hey, great app, and I’m sure it will be even greater!

Make sure your app stays in front of competiton, so I don’t need to download anything else :smiley:

Just updated the iOS version to include support for iOS 7.

Unfortunately I don’t think it will be ready in time for the beta since the review process takes a while on Apple :frowning:

nice…will have to check this out!

Cool hope you enjoy.

DLing the beta now on vacation but not sure if i’ll be able to check it out until Saturday, when I get a chance I’ll see if there are new moves in the lists to add and stuff.

You might want to add the BnB’s already listed on Vesper Arcade’s videos for the Beta.

Unfortunately I won’t have time to do that before it launches in a few hours.