Guard Stings and Combo set-ups

as far as poke strings go. on wake up, i usually do >mk golden heel upper. usually the mk. golden heel is just the right range where there is time to block. does pretty decent guard crush. and most people think they can get you after the golden heel, so sometimes to mix it up, i throw out a hk tiger kick to take out people who thought they could trip me.

im still trying to work on slide>>tnt punches. is mp the best to use in that position?

ive also realized how excellent his actually is. when i JD close attacks, i used to slide, but the startup is too slow, and i usually dont connect. but a point blank s. hk is fast and does pretty good damage.

ok. been workin with joe since that last post (a year ago?)

anyways, i play him in K and the most effective/frustrating thing i can do to an opponent is JD>>cr.lp>fierce tnt punches

the is sooooooooo easy to land, just defend or not. ive just started throwing them out to catch people off guard. the part that makes it awesome is seeing the frustration on my opponents face when they get hit with it again and again and again. not a lot of damage, but its usefulness is unparalleled. its definitely my favorite weapon in my Joe arsenal.

a few other things. roundhouse slice kick from full screen is safe i think. i havnt tried it with all characters, but every time ive thrown one out and been blocked, i am pushed back far enough to be safe.
also ive been experimenting with st.fp. it is a really really good normal to use to punish people. i think when i stand just outside sagat’s cr.fp range and try to retaliate with st. roundhouse, i get stuffed. but st. fp seems to stuff it cleanly. im gonna try to work it more into the routine.