Guard proximity

Hey guys,

I have a request, I think that the subject has been already discussed but I’m enable to find the right topic.

We all know that the concept of proximity guard has been massively exposed in SF4 and probably also in SF5. What about Third strike? From my experience, there are some normals when whiffing and close to the opponent cause the guard to activate (and prevent him from walking back). The example in my mind is Maktoto neutral jump HK in the corner after a knockdown.

What do you know about this mechanic guys (distance, normals causing it, hitboxes, character-specific, etc)?


Proximity blocking is an old concept that has been in the genre since the early 90s (some games, even had full screen proximity blocking).

It’s a good way to keep people from walking back out of pressure, especially in a lot of the older games with good walkspeeds. Of course, there’s a ton more nuance to it than just that (which you can read about below).

yes but what about third strike specifically? are there any useof this technique in the game?