Guard Crush Revival Results - 3/30/11 - Next Level, Brooklyn, NY

unfortunately, someone closed TIO tournament organizer while i was away from my laptop so i lost the brackets. if someone can help me fill in the rest of the results, that’d be awesome. apologies to any1 that wanted full results :’(

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (47 entrants)

1 EMP Chris G
2 Marn
3 Team Spooky NerdJosh
4 EMP Mugetsu
5 Moons
5 EMP Remix
7 ILU Joe
7 Mike Infinite

AE (47 entrants)

1 Marn
2 EMP Dragongod
3 EMP IFC Yipes
4 EMP Sanford Kelly
5 Team Spooky Sabin
5 EMP Chris G
7 ???

also there were a few ppl who didnt pay so next time mikeg and i will be much more strict about it. partially our fault for not being more diligent

anyway thx to everyone who showed up. i believe there were 75 ppl who registered. awesomeeee

good seeing everyone again i missed guard crush. it was rly cool to see out-of-towners (marn flew in from cali damnnn) come out again and i appreciate the ppl who showed up just to spectate and support their friends.

good stuff to henry cen, nick, spooky and mikeg for making it possible! thx everybody

Great seeing everyone. This was the BEST GUARD CRUSH YET!!! 47 entrants for each game. Thanks everyone who came and entered. Thanks also to everyone who helped make this possible. I just ask that next time everyone come next time so we don’t have to delay the tournament for the people that are on time. Overall great event, I look forward to seeing you guys at the next one. Like us on facebook for updates on future events and match videos.

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Did the MVC3 SmoothViper VS. Noel Brown 1st to five every happen?

Guard crushhhhhhhh!!!

Gaurd krishh

Wow, niggas really didn’t pay? I’m sad.

Hoping I get a better job so I can make these. Glad to see you guys picked up strong from where you left off.

It was only a few heads. When people came late and we were adding late entrants, things got a little confusing and we missed asking a few people to pay.

Good to see Guard Crush up and running again. Will definitely try and go when I’m off from school.

Orange Crush

Awesome tournament, it was nice meeting and seeing everybody again. I’ll definitely make it to the next one, traffic wasn’t much of an issue thankfully.

I’ll be at the next one.

Guard Kush.

Ill enter next time !!!

Good shit everyone, makes me wanna move back up north to compete.

Had a lot of fun at this. My first tourney in a long time. It was good to see some friends (thanks again for your support during my match, Aulord, and Rhys, you are just friendly as fuck to everybody) and to meet a few new people, too. I thought that, overall, the tournament was very well run. Mike and Min were hustling all night to keep the brackets moving, and I saw a lot of the players helping out by pointing out when the AE cabs were open, searching outside for players whose matches were up, etc.

My only complaint, which has already been addressed, is that I wish the tournament had started a little closer to on time. I didn’t really see the point in making last calls for sign-ups 45 minutes after the tournament was supposed to start. But yeah, it was such a good experience that I almost hate to mention it.

The competition was top notch, as expected. GGs to everyone I played. Congrats to Lincoln for taking second place.