Guard Crush 2 06/23/10 Results

Super Street Fighter 4 (54-man Bracket)

1st - Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez
2nd - Kevin “Dieminion” Landon
3rd - Lincoln “Dragongod” Morris
4th - Chris Hu
5th - ClakeyD
5th - Damdai
7th - MikeG
7th - GBPoeta
9th - Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau
9th - Adnan
9th - Andre “Twisted Jago” Lambert
9th - Mr Quotes
13th - DS
13th - Wayne
13th - TPH TrueHitman
13th - MarlinPie

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (8-Man Bracket)

1st - Frankie Nunez
2nd - Ahmed
3rd - Mutant XP
4th - Greek
5th - Vizard
5th - Mr Quotes
7th - Duke “Hard Bread” Dodson
7th - MarlinPie

Very well run tournament. Your Rog is inspiring Mike.

Fun tournament guys. :slight_smile: Me and Lilevil had a blast haha

btw Sabin took 1st and Dieminion took 2nd. i’m sure he’ll update it later. just a heads up.

once again, thanks everyone for coming out. there was a few issues, couple of DQ’s from people leaving and some others showing up late (CALL NEXT TIME!!!) but in the end everything worked out as best we could.

finally in NJ, never thought i’d make it home.

good shit peoples. i did my best imo. hopefully ill make it back again.

good shit MikeG, i hear your rog has gotten better. I’m still goin in with hard finding new stuff so hopefully we can play again one day.

Thanks man. I’m looking forward to that rematch.

Good tourney, nice organizers, tourney ran smoothly. When are the matches going up?
I’ll be down for another tourney. let me know if you guys need anything to be documented next time

i covered ect2 and it gained a lot of attention.

Stay Free Ben Fong, that nigga is ass.

all matches are already up here…

@philski get in contact with either me or mike and we’ll talk. our numbers are in the Guard Crush threads or just PM us. thanks.

Most of the matches are up

Yeah sure, if you want to you can. I don’t know what you would need from us, but let me know in advance.

Edit: whoops, i didnt see that Booty already responded.

Good games to all I played. I had a good time as always. Was a bit tired but I still had a fun time watching everyone else get hype.

GGs. Shout outs to Lincoln loving my stick and taking care of it when I was getting food lol. My stick won Arturo the grand finals lol.

Your stick was gdlk. No homo. I was using that shit, too. Had the right feel. Hit all combos on it. Truly Gdlk. Thanks again.

lol np Lilevil shall be known throughout the SF community for his Godlike Sexbox TE stick.

guess a2 had no entry’s lol.

everyone said they were scared you were gonna show up and didn’t want to enter.

… thnks for the sarcasm lol SF3: 3rd Strike Playlist SSf4 full playlist

Some videos still processing.

i try. :encore: