Guard Crush 11 10/27/10 Results

Super Street Fighter IV - 21-Team Bracket

1st - EMP1 - Santhrax(Sagat) and IFCYipes(M. Bison)
2nd - Chris Hu(Cody) and Arturo Sanchez(Rose)
3rd - EMP2 - Dieminion(Guile) and Twisted Jago(M. Bison)
4th - Dan-Ku-Ga - Aquasilk
and NerdJosh(Cammy)
5th - Sporvitz - Spore**(El Fuerte)** and Javits**(Balrog)**
5th - Manny**(El Fuerte)** and Dawgtanian**(El Fuerte)**
7th - Darkness - Poem**(Balrog)** and Wayne**(Blanka)**
7th - EMP3 - Kreymore**(Abel)** and Evil Rahsaan**(E. Honda)**

Yipes is for real!

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Yo, Yipes rocking Bison?? Are there vids?

I ended up missing the semis because it was on so late last night
were the matches on the stream recorded?

All videos are posted at this account…

YouTube - AkumaHokoru’s Channel

Just give him a little time to upload everything.

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Guard Crush Tournament Series

Team Sp00ky

Double Fuerte team sounds annoying as fuck.

yipes owns bc he’s not afraid to go on about why ssf4 is ass right on stream

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! You guys allowed same char teams? WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?!

It was a last second thing. I believe it was Manny who asked so we asked everyone else and no one seemed to have a problem with it so we let it rock. IF YOU WERE THERE… you would have known. :smiley:


hahaha Last minute stuff came up for me, sadly. Granted, I do hate team tournies.

Playlist: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

gs spooky

yipes was fuckin shit up with bison
i thought he was still using abel

good shit all around. Didn’t doo too hot myself in the tourney but had some good casuals.

ggs Aquasilk (Who decided to remember he knew how to block and stopped running into my kicks :frowning: ), Halochicken (Who decided he was better than me, making the record like 100-3) and my team-mate, who I never actually fought but fought with. Next time team question mark is gonna not suck :open_mouth:

also ggs shoryuken log-in, making me log in with a new name