Guard Crush 10 10/13/10 Results

Super Street Fighter IV - 32 Man Bracket

1st - KFC Starnab (Fei Long)
2nd - TS Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Rose)
3rd - Aquasilk (Zangief)
4th - TS Josh “nerdjosh” Jodoin (Rufus)
5th - MikeG “BKBalrog” (Balrog)
5th - EMP Kevin “dieminion” Landon (Guile)
7th - Henry Cen (Blanka)
7th - AuLord (Cammy)
9th - DMG Jonathan “RicoSuave” Deleon (Abel)
9th - EMP Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau (Blanka?/Honda?)
9th - Chris Hu (Ryu)
9th - MegamanSteve (Akuma)
13th - LiquidSRK (Dudley)
13th - Lee Chung (Guile)
13th - Kevin Wu (Ibuki)
13th - Chin (Ken)

Full Results and bracket here:

Windjammers - Cancelled due to lack of entrants

Nice to see Fei up top :smiley:

i should have played Rose:sad:

Go kfc starnab! Get that chicken babay


It’s not KFC but KFR ^^;;

Nice turnout. Thanks to everyone who came. Good job to Europe coming through and taking 1st place. Very unexpected. GGs to everyone. Next one is teams(2v2) so be sure to look for teammates.

Yup. Big thanks again to everyone coming out again and again and supporting. Good shit to France for stopping by. Sp00ky said videos should be up real soon, def before SB. So check by later today or early tomorrow morning.

Hope to see everyone again next time. And don’t forget to Like us on facebook…

Guard Crush Tournament Series

Mad I couldnt clutch it out against Starnab, but not really seeing as im inexperinced with the Bruce Lee matchup and he went and won the whole thing anyway, props to France

edit: Team Tourney Only next GC? No Singles?

Just caught it on youtube, good stuff Steve, tough loss, but yeah, if you’re gonna lose to anyone, let it be the winner of the whole thing.

Hm, 2v2 only? Ehhhh ummm ::scratches head:: me no likey

We’ve done singles for 10 straight. Change it up a little. Much easier to find a teammate in a 2v2 as oppose to a 3v3. Come on, you guys are all friends!

If you are seeking a teammate start posting now.

Vids YouTube - AkumaHokoru’s Channel

Dieminion asked me to do that as an inside joke.