Guard breaking with typhoons

would this work as a guard break, after u kill a character, do a vertical typhoon and time it so that its almost over before the other character is even on the screen and then as soon as u can do another typhoon and the inccoming character will hit the first typhoon which would make them block and then they get hit by the 2nd typhoon before they land and u can combo off a hailstorm or a LA xx LS

i think that will work because i’ve tried to do vertical T’s. on incomming charcters, and it just doesn’t apper on screen because to time it late enough, nothing is on screen for it to home on. So it comes out, but off screen. lol

time is as the other character is dying that way the typhoon is already out, do the hk version.

well i did it on the computer so i dont know if it wa sa guard break or if it worked becuz the computer is stupid.

i just did a vertical typhoon and the incomming character just basically pauses in block stun at the highest height and did a nother typhoon and he landed into it, and i just did a LA XX LS,

The only way it wouldnt work is if the opponent could land before the other typhoon hits them. or maybe if they take the hit but i dont know what happens if u take a hit in terms of guard breaking, all i know is u can only block once

didn’t even know that was possible. Interesting though. it’d be flashy since all storms usually do basic-guardbreaks

You have to test it on a human opponent. CPU gets guardbroken by everything. The trick is that when you airblock, there’s a time period where you can let go of the stick and stop blocking, but if you continue to hold back you’ll still block. The CPU will never block during that period, and so they get guardbroken by everything.