GTR Sept 04 Full results

17th:Joe O.

3rd:Mike C
13th:James Wong
13th:Derrick Q.
13th:Darryn F.

I didn’t really want to post 3rd strike cause it was free entry fee, same with super turbo(don’t have those brackets).

Random Thoughts:
-Eric Lee didnt finish any of his games cause he had to work.
-Richmond and philly didn’t show, and i didnt enter marvel because of masturbation
-Every Maryland tournament must haven either jody, shaun, or will martin present, or gg.
-Rocking the mic was hot <3.
-Rugal wins a king of the hill tournament with him, bmore and jody immediately after the cvs2 tournament.
-Whoever stole Joe’s soul calibur stick is a fag(unless it was an accident, he’d appreciate it back asap).
-Dave is my hero for finding that place, we should get a house there so we can make 100k+ like bmore :party: .

Great tourney, another chapter in MD/VA drama completed. Now i go to masturbate.


I assume you meant Richmond as in Shamy, Omar, Dave, BLT, etc. Cuz me, Bill, and Kevin all came from Richmond. Mike is from SOVA, but he goes to VCU now, so we claim him. lol.

Watch out for VA state championships.


i only win one match in CVS2 then get my stick stolen by some faggot i mean what a great day huh?
jesus christ why cant people just buy their own sticks instead of stealing from me btw my first real tourny poor fuckers

nigga, hold onto your stick! >=O sorry to hear that man, but you gotta know…these people are no joke. they’d steal your boogers if they could.

i wasnt going to take my stick with me to the drugstore to get a drink. i thought they were better than that :frowning:

Usually they are… I left a lot of my shit around and thankfully nothing was stolen. (digital camera, xbox + periphs, stick, etc) The only thing that was taken was one of my multigame SF copies, and my xbox power cable. Now the CD means nothing to me (value = $0.03), but if anyone took the xbox power cord by mistake, please let me know. It was probably mistaken for a dreamcast a power cord because they look exactly the same. Also, PLEASE give Joe.O is stick back. If you don’t want anyone to know you have it, please PM me so we can set up an arrangement for you to give me the stick, and I will make sure Joe gets it back with absolutely no names being mentioned. Besides, I don’t think he cares who has it as long as he just gets it back. If they let us hold the tournament again, I’ll try to have a secure area where people can put their things. Maybe locked in that kitchen or conference room.

btw, Derrick, i have one of your surge protectors.

thanks all for coming, and for helping with brackets, etc… Again, hopefully they’ll let us host the tournament there in the future. The only major problem were people coming late as usual, but that was mostly due to car problems. (isaac’s problem = chronic masturbator :tup: ) It would have been nice to have more TVs, tournaments, and consoles, but all in all I think everything went pretty smooth. If I were to reserve the hall again for another tournament, would you all come back? …or is it too far for you to travel? Next time would be a lot smoother (more tvs, consoles, etc) Let me know because I’ll need some feedback before I plan this again. I’m thinking Oct 23rd. any problems with that date? come’on people… suggestions… comments… feedback…

I think that everything went smooth as well, but there was one problem. Justl like GT tournies, WE NEVER START ON TIME. I remember saying for hours on end that, “I have to work”. This tourney was supposed to start at 1:30, but didnt start until like 4:50pm. Oh well, thats my only complaint and that some faggot stole my last two slices when I went outside to talk to my woman. Fucking faggot fuck…Thats why I left that retarded looking piece in there :clap: .

I heard 3S results were something like:

  1. Steve — Tworking that PAD out I see
  2. Nassir — Good Job Nassir
  3. Kikin — Kikin wtf: You are a 3S veteran
    . James Wong — What happened
    . John C — Its okay I know that you are better than James Wong, lol

Shin Out

Sparatik; i think everythign went well, but next time could you choose a nicer neighborhood? I parked my car with the top down and some bird pooped on the windshield, it could have very well landed on my leather and all hell would have broke loose. I did however like the art gallery we gamed in instead of some dank dungeon like arcade where people spit their tobacco on the ground.
Shinshay, as far as my placing; my 3rd strike game consists of parry, offense, and clap trap (hugo whiff clap into piledriver). So no parry or clap trap at all - I was at 20% kikin level of gaming and getting 3rd in that instance aint too shabby. Seeing my old world was a welcome change and depressing at the same time. Adios.


Dave, i thought the tournament went great. We should definately have it there again, and let me grab the mic early this time =). Get on aim and send me vids, gg life.

If I started the tournament on time, there would have been 14 people for cvs2, even less for marvel, and let’s not even talk about 3rd strike and ST.

there is no way to get everyone there on time. seriously… the next step for me will be to get everyone’s number who is coming… wake them ALL up 4 or more hours before the tournament, then call them ALL every 15 minutes to make sure they are not fucking around… what else can I do? call their parents too? send a bus to pick everyone up? should I penalize people who get halfway to the tournament, but their car overheats? especially when they are bringing TVs and dreamcast… would you all really to start on time having a 14 person tournament? because if that’s the majority decision, I’ll fucking do that shit. just let me know… i don’t ask for suggestions just because I want it to sound I’m some great tournament director… fuck that, I really do what your fucking suggestions! I do this shit because no one else wants to… but that’s fine… you are all mostly normal and sane people… it takes a fucking oddjob like me to deal with all the chaos and bullshit that comes along with planning and executing tournaments. Hey, do you know what it’s like to have 5 looking over your shoulder asking you who they play in cvs2 while you’re in the middle of making brackets? …Then get a phone call from someone who called the library trying to reach me… so i have to leave the room and go into the library to librarians who are pissed that they are recieving calls for me… Then I come back and my bracket information is missing? wtf? now I have to go out and find it… along the way people are asking me “dave, when is cvs2 starting? are you going to have GGXX? spar, where’s the bathroom? is there any more pizza left spar? dave, where’s the soda machine? spar, have you started brackets yet? hey spar, it’s 2pm, shouldn’t we have started by now?”

so that’s like… a fraction of a fraction of the shit I put up with… now don’t get me wrong. I like helping people… I really don’t mind being asked these questions… just realize that this shit is not easy. …and don’t get the idea that i’m picking on you because you asked one of the questions above. Trust me, you’re not the only person who asked that question. anyways, i forgot to thank some people… so thanks goes to all who brought tvs and dreamcasts, people who ran brackets, kikin who went to get the pizzas with me, and everyone that helped cleaning up afterwards putting up chairs and picking up trash off the floor. …and seriously, we shouldn’t have to clean up trash off the floor…

anyways… if we have more tournament, let’s hope they keep getting better and better.

(eric, thanks for bringing that topic up, i needed a way to bring this shit up without me sounding like I was complaining) :clown:

i’m sorry… and i’m also sorry about the water with the extra ice cube. I promise that I will try better next time. …also I will have trained marksmen with their dogs out patrolling the parking lot. This will ensure a birdpoop free tournament. please accept my apology. :rolleyes:

  • Seeing Strider/Doom do well was fun as hell
  • Stealing is faggotry
  • I suck
  • Enforcing the late rules is probably the only way to get the message across, it’s only right
  • I suck
  • Kid being on “Iron Vacation” is fucked up
  • Ernesto has the ugliest stick ever seen by human eyes, topping even the “Issac Special”, lol
  • Squealing every time your boy lands a move = WILD HOMO, j/k
  • I suck
  • Naming a long, cylindrical chocolate bar “Mr. Big” = WILD HOMO

Anyway, thanks Dave, and everyone come to Towson on the 25th for my tourney, featuring less art and old ladies!

we love you sparatik. <3

if you loved me… you would been there. :crybaby:

Big thanks to Dave for having a tournament…period. :clap:

Thank’s to Rugal for ocving me with C groove vega. :clap:

and thank’s to Robin for kicking my ass with K groove bison :clap:

Dam. I placed 17th, I was gunning 4 top 3. :confused:

May be it was that Mr. BIG BAR!? :pleased:

and thank to Koop for letting team PG county Roll N that phat PT cruzer :tup:

and thanks to Joe O for asking me… to “check my back pack” to see if his SC arcade stick was inside :clap: :lame: :sad:

Big ups to my home E Nasty Nas for peacing out
"B-chun"… with C-chun. :encore:

All in all it was a good tournament. It would be cool to have another one/If library ever lets us come Back? :clap:

First, big ups to Dave setting this up in a part of VA that unlike the streets, made me feel uncomfortable…

Well highlights

  • CvS 2 is not my game…st an a3 are

  • Big Pat an me dying laughin at people devouring the “porn” candy “Mr.Big” ROFLMAO

-Bmore is my new enemy…

  • random people walking in and looking at the pathetic paintings…i thought we had that room to ourselves?

  • I was about to steal the “cat catalog” book that was outside, it was very interesting.

  • Jody, Shaun and myself acting like little kids in the 7-11 looking at some “booty” magazine

“oh shyt, she got a phat ol’ ass…dont turn yet!!”

-Aaron (No D) tearing up a Mr.Big with two hands…

-Sparatiks reaction to bmores new job announcement

  • Bmore is my new enemy

-ST didn’t get played was the worst moment of the night…

-Realizing, gaming is becoming boring and time consuming…

-Whoever stole Joe O stick is a bitch

  • Still have that funny feeling about the whole tournament itself

  • watching youngins budget money is hilarious

  • “Hey Eric…whats up with your pizza?”

Nice Turnout guys! Thanks Dave for getting that together. My bags of twizzelers went to fast :frowning:

I had fun for the whopping 2 hours I was there, though I wish I could have stayed longer of course. Some things I would suggest to maybe improve on/ or random comments:

  • At one point, the stations were setup so there were 3 CvS2’s, 1 marvel, and 1 ST. And the marvel didn’t even really count cause the guy who brought the TV and DC didn’t rotate, and the 1P side wasn’t rotating much either. A suggestion would be to make sure one tournament station is running for all the games that are going to be tournaments during freeplay, and then letting people randomly decide the other stations.

  • Sparatik’s A3 Blanka is dope, even though I Raging Demoned him, still man, IM NOT WORTHY :pray:

  • As far as theft, at least for sticks, here is a possiblity. There could be an equipment check when everyone arrives where they check in there equipment, Sparatik(or whoever he wants to do it) gives them like a nametag for their equipment, they mark their stuff, they also get a nametag for themselves. Now anytime someone is leaving with some sort of bag or what have you, it can be checked. If you’re found stealing, I will step on you. If you saw who I was, you can figure that bones will get broken. Yes it is entirely gross that checking bags is even an option, but from my point of view, it’s better than having shit jacked(and even though it’s been said, whoever took that stick can go fornicate themselves with an iron rod). Of course, this would require more than just Sparatik, which leads into my next point…

  • Recruit lackeys. Sparatik, you should before the tournament assemble a mini staff, if for nothing else than to do tons of little random shit. This is coming from someone who has run arcade tournaments, run console tournaments in arcades, and even helped with a regional, not to mention observing others styles for running them, the way I see it, console tournaments in a public place require an exponential more amount of work than an arcade tournament, you shouldn’t be expected(or put it on yourself) to do everything. Because really, all that little shit that was asked of you, that could have been severely cut down if you had help. I’m not saying I saw anything wrong that happened while I was there, but if nothing else at least it wouldn’t take you a week to recover from a tourney :rofl:

  • As for the date, sounds good to me, I’d definitely come back, I felt the facilities were pretty damn good, tables for sticks might have been nice, but that’s about it. I should be able to get work off and actually come for real this time :clap:

  • I should also be able to bring a DC, DC Mas stick, modded Xbox, and a modded universal Pelican that works on Xbox and DC, or at least some of those, don’t know how many bags I want to carry and what the demand is.

I suck for not coming :frowning:
Hope it was fun guys, will try to make the next one!

:wow: :woot: :rock: