GTASF: Team Turmoil @ Orbit

MvC2 (9 teams):

  1. Bruce Wayne + Dick Gayson (Bry/Magnus)
  2. Gerjay + g3nn
  3. Ryan + Sean
  4. Parerick + Dee (is this right?)
  5. Quan + Jack (is this right?)
  6. Roger + Ceto
  7. Howard + Chun
  8. Darkdragon + Noodleman
  9. Samir + Ben
  • Great but looooooong tourney.
  • Props to the non-Marvel players for joining (Ben, Samir, Noodleman)
  • Bry gets smacked to losers 3-1 by Gerjay and I. Bry loses three times to Ryan, including his last match of the last set in losers finals… only to have Lord Magnus save the day and win his only game of the tourney to take the set.
  • Bry is near unbeatable in grand finals beating Gerjay and I 4-1, 4-2. Good shit.

I didn’t really watch too many other matches so if other people want to add highlights, go for it.

Dick Gayson. Inside Man. Makeovers. Sleepovers.

3s Results:
1 - AneurysmX / DarkDragon / Louie
2 - Nech_Neb / Samir / Chun
3 - Pocari ‘the machine’ Sweat / Sinclair
4 - Gaijinblaze / Dark Giygas / YellowS4
5 - G3nn / Gerjay / Dice01

Gg’s everyone.

the pleasuremen got fingered.

Personal Highlight:

-Fat brown kid pays me $5 bucks to leave so he can play with Crowbar.

i got scammed by nathan to join marvel. Team Naggers couldn’t perform.

on a completely unrelated note, Roger’s Sagat owns my soul.

Great games today. larned me not to call Capcom all stupid-like

I taunted lord magnus at least 5 times in one match and at least 12 times over the day. I’m sorry.

Gerjasy Is A Snake And I Hop He Gets Cancer!

:wow: The Lord is clutch :wow:

5 teams…4 hours.

Best tourney ever.

And you are what for saying you’ll team with him and then not showing up?

there really is a god

:rofl: WTF!! anyhow …

I hope you guys won’t run out of gas before MAT, you’ve been holding tourneys like every week.

Thats how we do yo! :wgrin:

All jokes aside, the GTASF Marvel scene really has endured a lot of tournaments over the last while. I think it’s 4/4 over the last month and it’s pulled in solid numbers every week. Props to all the players for pulling together and keeping that game strong.

“endured a lot of tournaments over the last while.”

You say that as if its a bad thing. Can’t get enough marvel. Ranbats this week, THEN MAT!!!

note I perfected Mo in 3S :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal highlights:

  • Bry calling his grandma with “Yo Granny wuz goin’ onnn?”
  • Roger getting so mad at Adil’s freeloading off Bry

78 on timer

Gerjay you beasted one of the best Kens in Toronto! Fucking monster!

Gerjay cheated, he used Santhrax on Mo’s Ken.