GTASF Season Opener: Woodbine 09/18/2004 (CvS2, MvC2, 3S)

The GTASF season opened up at Sky Games at Woodbine Centre:

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (12 Entrants)
1st - Ratio1beatdown
2nd - Tigerlee
3rd - Nagata Lock II
4th - YellowS4
5th - Jiggabry
5th - Noodleman
7th - Leslie
7th - Nana
9th - DeadlyRaveNeo
9th - JJ2K
9th - Wetworker
9th - Chris

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (11 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Gerjay 2001
3rd - Skisonic
4th - Crayz Penguin
5th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - Deathfist
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - DM
9th - Tigerlee
9th - Fam
9th - Dave

3RD STRIKE (18 Entrants)
1st - YellowS4
2nd - Tigerlee
3rd - Fernando
4th - Strider Hiryu
5th - Nagata Lock II
5th - DeadleyRaveNeo
7th - DarkDragon
7th - Ratio1beatdown
9th - ???
9th - ???
9th - ???
9th - ???
13th - ???
13th - ???
13th - ???
13th - ???
17th - ???
17th - ???
17th - ???


I could be completely wrong about 3S results (even top 8). I’m doing it by memory because I don’t have the brackets. Whoever has the brackets please make corrections before I post to APEX.

3S was the single most disorganized shit I’ve been a part of in quite some time. I can’t believe I had to make brackets for a game I only started a month ago for players I barely know. If you’re going to run a tournament, get your shit together.

On a related note, big thanks to Gordon for holding a tight CvS2 tournament on zero notice. Also props to Gerjay for running MvC2.

CvS2 sticks were complete and total garbage. It’s amazing that people are flipping for a side because it’s less broken than the other.

While a lot of people were complaining about MvC2 sticks and buttons, I never noticed an issue. I know Roger had problems with his resets though so it may have been something I wouldn’t catch because I don’t play that style. The Grand Finals were a lot of fun though and I’ll post them to GTASF in a few days.

Everyone looked rusty as fuck. CFJ can’t come fast enough.

Jay is beast! congrats…
but of course, if I was there, after wut happened friday night, you’d only be 2nd Jay. :razzy:

3$ for first. I am toptier

XS, no. I would’ve parried it all like friday night.

I dont know where the hell the brackets went but this is from what I remember. Thanks gerjay and Gordon for running mvc2 and cvc2. The hold up for 3s was trying to convince the manager to call the repair guy who came in the morning and fixed the machine. Plus trying to find people who left the arcade.

4-Strider Hiryu

Ya it was really disorganized thats my bad. Who asked you make a bracket? It wasnt needed there was already one being made yours was made for pretty much no reason. Just chill if u dont want to organize just play.

Well you were already an hour behind schedule when I started wondering what was going on. I had plans in Guelph that evening so I couldn’t afford to hang around the entire day waiting for 3S to get off the ground. Someone (I don’t even know who, I thought it was you Marwa to be honest) handed me the sign up sheet and asked me to make brackets because they didn’t know what to do with them.

Just a couple of side notes if you plan on running a tourney in future:

Be there when the repair guy shows.

Be there before everyone else. It doesn’t look good when the organizer shows late for his own registration start time.

Don’t wait for players to show up. Jay and Stephen said they’d be there by a certain time and they were. But that second bracket was only made because random WB players showed crazy late and wanted in. If they’re late and can’t even make a call, too bad for them.

I had no intention of organizing anything but when people are searching me out with questions to a tournament I didn’t organize, I can’t exactly blow them off (at least not forever).

Oh shit team STC came in 1st and 2nd for CvS2?!?!?!?!?

STC rolento = Too good …

Don’t be so hard on him man…shit happens, players come late and a hour behind is nothing for a tourny with less than 16 ppl. Also, 3s was put on hold for quite a while cuz you wanted to tape mvc2 instead of playing your match against the MID-BOSS. But yeah, mall arcades are shit cuz we have no control. Management doesn’t listen to the players and the tech guys come once every blue moon. You should know all this from emtc and “shoppers world”.

ps: sorry jiggabry, I was told your spot was up for grabs so thats why I became “the MID-BOSS”…I could have came 4th/5th but nooo

Thanks to Chachaman for hosting the tournament (his first one?) Although things always don’t go as smoothly as planned, it’s always a guarantee that tournaments are fun.

jump up RH > 2i Akuma
Burger King > KBBQ
Stephen’s Car > taking the TTC
Sack of Valencia Oranges > dead hooker

Marvel sticks were fine, just first player was more comfortable to play on :stuck_out_tongue: In other words, I think the down-back on 2p was a little iffy. CvS2 controls scared me so I didn’t feel like joining the tourney. Bad day in 3S for me… so I’ll just pretend that tourney never happened. Hey, I got my money back, so that’s good enough for me.

most of marvel was ok, side 2 had problems with assist 2 and down blocking but i think the blocking is like that on all the cabs at the arcade

True. That cab has serious allignment problems.

BTW… Erin Mills got a MASSIVE marvel 1 machine for some reason. Its the kinda cab that needs stools though. Still had fun beasting it up with red venom. :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt come 5th for 3s fuck that i woulda won the tourney if we had kept going nagata=beast GG jay owned by fucking C.U.R.T

Nagata don’t complain about the tournament being an hour behind schedule. T5 started 5 hours late every day and the first day it began at like 8pm.

7:00pm: Registration starts for all tournaments
8:00pm: CvS2 Team Tournament (Player per Ratio rule in effect)
8:30pm: MvC2 Team Tournament (3 player teams)
8:30pm: 3S Team Tournament
8:30pm: HSF II Team Tournament.

Thanks for trying on the Friday…

Saturday the database I constructed for got screwed up and had to be re-constructed from scratch. That being said, the tournaments started 2 and 1/2 hours late and I made sure to apologize to the people that had asked about the hold up. I even went out of my way to thank all the people that took the extra time to help me out.

Sunday I can directly link starting the Final 8 late for 3S and CvS2 to YOUR PARTY, considering everyone else was good enough to show up on time. CvS2 started at exactly 1:00pm as it was supposed to but ended up stuck because IIRC I couldn’t run anything involving you, Kin, or Wing in CvS2 and don’t even get me started on 3S, which was essentially grind to a halt because you guys couldn’t show within two hours of the scheduled start time.

I had my shit together at T5, oh and it’s great that it’s completely disregarded that T5 was far larger in scope than the woodbine tournament that drew about 20 people combined. Thanks…

GG’s with you Gordon. You must be in secret training. I was scared you would use RC Joe but then your Rolento beasted on me horribly. :bluu:

Thats basically what happened at wb, things go wrong.

The repair man didnt come when he said he would (1:00) and instead showed up a lot earlier. People came late, if 3s started at 1:30 instead of 3:00 there would have been like 8 people which is no fun. Me showing up at 12 is hardly late for registration.