GTASF Radio is back! And we need your help!

Sorry for starting a new thread, but I needed to put in a poll.

For those who haven’t listened to the first three, GTASF radio was a podcast/stream I used to run, for a grand total of three episodes. We really want to bring this back, and you can expect the fourth episode of the revamped series by Monday (we hope to record on Saturday).

Here are the first two episodes, listen at your OWN risk. They’re kinda rambling, and edited by me with super shitty software. The second one is slightly better than the first I believe.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Here’s a 30 second sample! The Big Greek Rant!


We’re hoping to throw in big improvements from the previous three. First of all, we’re not streaming anymore, so we can edit each episode to cut out boring/useless parts and dead air off. Secondly, we’re thinking of taking this into a new format: video.

The problem with audio podcasts is that it’s very easy to phase out after a few minutes of listening. The problem with video podcasts, is that they’re not very portable.

**So the question is, how many of you would actually listen to a video podcast?

Now before this thread is locked, I do think it’s unfair that GTASF Radio gets it’s own thread. That’s why I would like to make this thread a repository for all CANADIAN podcasts. I know so far it’s just Toronto and Montreal, but if the Montreal podcasters are willing to co-operate, I can change this thread title to “Canadian Podcasts”, and update the first post with new episodes of each series as it comes out.

Hopefully this will encourage the West Coast and other scenes to jump on the wagon as well.

My main goal in all of this is to create more exposure not just in Canada, but in the USA as well. Canadian Street Fighter has been lying quietly far too long, we need to get our name out there. Use this thread to discuss, brainstorm, suggest ideas, critique, and anything else you would like to say related to this topic.


You can count on me being there! Desi, make it happen. RXS rambles on podcast.

If this is held and recorded in Sauga, depending on the days and such, I can probably help you guys out with equipment if necessary (dad has an HD Camcorder). If you were to do a video podcast though, they take A LOT more work. So if you do go video, I’d suggest you’d make it a monthly thing rather than a weekly thing.

But yeah, if this happens, I’m down to help whenever I can.

Oh and one more thing. I really also want this show to have a focus on teaching SF, so that it encourages newer players to listen as well.

Im down to TEACH what i’ve learned from being a tournament new comer at sf4 arcade release

how i practice (sober or high)

mindset, footsies (even tho im just randomly pushing buttons )

and how to beat Montreal (most important skill)


I’m going to say audio only since I probably wouldn’t be able to watch vid on my phone.
Podcast I can load on my phone and listen to while on bus etc.

Mind you I’d watch videos if they were on YouTube.

Shit, I change my vote to both video and audio.

audio, i can’t imaging having to watch your face for an extended period of time.

(i might just fall in love)

no seriously though, audio only would make it faster to dl.

being new to the boards I didn’t know anything like this was going on
but I’m listening now and I hope you continue doing them
audio or video I’d enjoy having
looking forward to monday

I request to have my name mentioned atleast once in the podcast and do NOT put blitzman on or mention his name!!!

if my request is met, i will gladly teach everyone how to play a top tier baiken in GGXX: #reload.

PS. I beat Jwong in the baiken mirror at T6+T7

I’d like both.
Anything tutorial-like would obviously be better in video (on YouTube!!) and anything interview-like could be podcast.
Anything with RXS should automatically be Podcast, no video.

I believe MTL is down for some sort of collab.

We can host them too! so people dont have to download etc…

Eric this isn’t the States dude, not all press is good press on this side of the border. I would at least specify the context you want your name to be mentioned in, b4 someone makes this into a possible running gag.

Just a thought.

what’s going on with this? Is there an ETA for when the first one will restart?

if its video I wanna see boobies…

anant’s boobies.