GTASF @ North East Championships 9 (12/06/2008)

OK so my work decided to put me on some random trial program starting next week. An odd by-product of the change is that I have weekends off for all of December and thus can attend NEC9.

I’d prefer to leave Friday morning/afternoon and get into Philly for the night of casuals. The team and singles tournaments for all the major games are on Saturday. We’d stay overnight Saturday and leave Sunday morning.


Car Rental (Minivan):
$60 x 3 (Friday - Sunday) / 6 = $30
$60 x 3 (Friday - Sunday) / 7 = $26

Car Kilometres (We get 600km free)
1400km total
(1600 - 600) *.15 / 6 = $25
(1600 - 600) *.15 / 7 = $22

Gas (We’ll say 3 tanks total)
3 * $80 / 6 = $40
3 * $80 / 7 = $35

Hotel (1 room w/ two double beds)
$80 / 6 = $13
$80 / 7 = $11

Entry Fees
$20 Site Fee

With 6 people you’d be spending $128 before entering a tournament or eating.
With 7 people you’d be spending $114 before entering a tournament or eating.

Basically you’re looking at a less than $200USD for the whole deal. If you have a genuine interest in going then please post up and it can be discussed. I’ll be honest in saying this is on a whim and if it doesn’t pan out I could care less either way. I would like to go as I’ve never been to NEC and it’d be good to see the Montreal guys again (they’re going 100%).

I’m planning to take the Greyhound with Baod. We’re planning to stay all day Sunday and leave Monday morning, so we’d have to decline a ride.

I’m curious to know who else is going, besides us and the MTL crew…

Fine we’ll have dinner ourselves

Honestly, I’m gonna miss all the Nagata roadtrip hype.

I hope Baod has some good stuff to watch on his Laptop to make up for it.
(NOTE TO SELF: buy an audio splitter before NEC…)

Ah damn it, I didn’t know it was this weekend.

a) Working Fri-Sat
b) Pacquiao vs Dela Hoya

=( I know I did say I wanted to come with you too, Bill.

By “this weekend” you mean “next weekend”, right?


:rolleyes: It wouldn’t matter regardless. Herb doesn’t travel for games. :rolleyes:

Oh yes, I do mean next weekend. I’m working both weekends anyway.

Your workplace won’t let you take vacation days for that weekend? =/

Well Baod sounds like he might not go after all. :sad: He said he’d get back to me on Sunday about it. Justin, got room?

Alright, Baod is officially pulling out. And since apparently no one else is planning to go, I’m probably not going to go, either. =/