I had a talk with Noodleman now that he’s back in Canada and he is not attending ECCXI. He had told me a while back he was leaning on the side of not going and confirmed it this evening.

This presents a couple of complications, the largest of which is that now we need to rent a van. I have no problem renting the van. What we do have a problem with is filling it. Right now we have:


We need one more person to minimize the cost to each party. Personally I’d like it to be someone that plays multiple games well so as to get the most out of the trip or a top 3S player (as Toronto isn’t sending any AFAIK). Eric would have been my ideal choice but he apparently isn’t allowed to go. I’m open to suggestions and while I don’t want to be a bitch, I reserve the right to pick the player.

The second issue is that I need to have the funds for the van and the hotel up front this time. Last time there were a lot of problems with me getting paid and I’m still due some outstanding cash from the MAT IV trip from a few people. I’ll have exact figures from both rental company and the Motel 6 (all the players stay there) in a day or two. Concerning gas, it’s more expensive in the US than it is over here. I will pay for it up front and we’ll know pretty fast how much it’ll cost. We’ll divide it up and that’ll be covered.

The last issue is getting everyone together. Ideally, I would have everyone at my place on Thursday night. The reality is that I can’t have that happen because some people don’t feel the need to sleep at night and I need the sleep if I’m going to drive eight hours. As such, I will need everyone to meet at EMTC by 9:00am sharp. I will have the rental van by 8:30am (the earliest they open), get everyone and then head out. If we don’t get destroyed at the border, we’ll make it there in decent time.

It’s a lot easier if the players coming leave their thoughts in here. I know some of you already have friends you’d like to come. If that’s the case then find me on MSN. Any other questions please post them up in here.

hey nagata
i appreciate all the work ur putting into this.
personally, i will have to meet at emtc at 9 am, despite having discussed with u the possibilities of crashing at your place the night before. i feel a shower in the morning is a must for me (and honestly, the rest as well) seeing as how we will be seeing a LOT of each other (and in very close quarters) for 8 hours of the day.
as for the money, it isnt a big issue really. just tell me the cost and i’ll have ur money whenever u need it.
on another note, i think ur incorrect about the gas prices…if i remember correctly from my last trip to the us…the cost of gas is like 1/4th of the cost here…unless there has beena spike.

US gas is pretty bad compared to what we have here. The CAN dollar just makes it tolerable.

wat kinda van is it? because 7 guys in a small mini van would really suck…

im interested, and cash up front isnt an issue for me, plus this saves me the time and money involved in trying to get my own van set up and people to fill it. I know ur looking for a top 3s player or someone that plays more games (sorry lol) but i am interested in checking out wat a major tourny is like.

If you dont get any other offers by the middle of the week let me know via msn or give me a call (the sooner the better).

Shotgun, since it’s Curt driving now I figure its mine by default anyways.

u figured wrong thats for sure

Pick up some girls on the way, 7on1 Porn Edition:rofl:


How long will the tournament be held for, how long will you guys be up there for?

Let me know what the costs are when you have them. I might come. Then you’ll have your top 3S player. 5th at York.

Pssh ur as good in 3s as I am in Dota. fucking joker.

Omg you’re THAT good at Dota?! Holy shit. Can I be your manager and take you to world championships?

No u cant, not because you’re brown tho.

OK, from the look of things there will be six players in my van because I haven’t heard back from Andrew or Nathan. As such, the calculations look like this:

$380 (that includes extra mileage and insurance) / 6 = $63
$380 (that includes extra mileage and insurance) / 7 = $54

$260 (3 nights, checkout by 1:00pm) / 6 = $43 USD ($48 CDN)
$260 (3 nights, checkout by 1:00pm) / 6 = $37 USD ($42 CDN)

Six players = $111
Seven players = $96

Like I said earlier, I’ll tally that up when I have a better impression of the cost. But you can bet that every player is at least dropping $40 if not $50 each in gas considering the US conversion

The six or seven of us are dropping between $150 - $160 in manditory costs. I had told people $200 for the entire trip. That’s probably about right or maybe a bit more depending on your spending habits (ie how much you’re willing to lose in money matches).


Roger & Cyrus; do not hold us up. I single you two out because you two have the longest trip to get to Sauga. If you have a problem making it to Sauga then either find a place to sleep in Sauga or contact me and I’ll be happy to let you crash at my place. Any way you look at it, DO NOT HOLD UP THIS TRIP! Assuming we don’t get smacked at the border, we still want to be in NJ before their Rush Hour smacks us out.

I have a can’t miss meeting at work tomorrow so I’m a no go. Sorry to dash Canada’s 3S hopes.

I just wanted to wish everyone who was going Good Luck. Have a great time and return home safely.

On a side note, if you see any random fobby girls can you smuggle them home in your suitcases?

Lol, girls @ ecc?!


OK we have an update on ECC. Roger is unable to attend the tournament. As such, a few things have changed.

We’ve had to downgrade mainly because of cost and we really don’t need all the extra space. The car is cheaper but the cost is split five ways now so…
$345 (that includes extra mileage and insurance) / 5 = $69

$260 (3 nights, checkout by 1:00pm) / 5 = $59 USD ($66 CDN)

Five players = $128

The car will get better mileage than the van so the gas will probably be lower by a bit. As I said before that’ll have to be ironed out when we get a better idea on it.

Sorry about how things worked out…

there could be a couple of girls @ ecc, it’s just that you can’t attach the words “asian” or “cute” with them. Some barely count as women.

Well, I wish all of you guys good luck and hope you have fun. Also, make sure you start the shit talking now, so when they come up here GTASF can back it up :wink:

Not sure if this has been posted yet, sorry I just got home;

From Justin:

1.) Bry, Gerjay, Matt beat Einhander, Mike Infinite in 1st roudn of team MVC2
2.) Sauga loses to Rashaan 3-0, sent losers where Gerjay OCV’s Skisonic, Japan3gro, Blue Jay
3.) Sauga finishes 7th out of 16, OCV’ed by Power DN
4.) Bry wins money matches against Matrix, X, Blue Jay, and VDO.