GTA/Toronto Tourney Poll

Hello fellow SRKers, first time poster long time player (though sadly all those playing hours do not extrapolate to playing skill for me =P)

I hope this thread is in the right area: I’ve been thinking about holding a tournament in the GTA/Toronto area to kick-off the release of SSFIV (nerfed Sagat? noooo) and was wondering how many of you would be interested?

Depending on response, a community hall would most likely be the venue and I have two projectors, a number of 24" HD monitors and myriad other 19" LCDs/CRTs/hand-crank TVs that could be employed for the express purpose of meeting the community, learning some skills and winning some money!

Prize money will be determined by pot taken in @ the door with a small portion going to the house to defer costs but this is all open to suggestions and further confirmation.

If all the interested parties could please reply with:

  1. Definitely! Sign me up and prepare for a Hakan butt squeeze!
    2)Yes, as long as its under $20
    3)No thanks, I’ll stick with spamming turbo jabs online
    I can get things setup ASAP and firm up the details.

Thanks again, and may all your FADCs be link-worthy!