Grudge Match: Soomighty vs. Mixup

special request…
at evo on the big screen(if possible)
this should happen
to show these ec kids wut up

I’m down.

mixup almost beats justin wong with his magneto, soo looses to ricky’s MSP

mixup for free

Just got off the phone with mike. He said he might not have money for evo, but if he goes, he’s all for a grudge match with soo.

Mixup wins for free…

Soo couldn’t beat off Ricky(which is very disappointing) so therefore Mixup owns.

man, i gotta’ go for calis own.

soo mixup

I might not even get to go but i’ve always wanted to play against cali players so i’m down.

P.s ricky is mad smart, anyone who hates on him is plain stupid.

Yah, i wanna see which one is gonna place in a major first too… oh you mean play each other, er, um, my money is on magneto :).

It’s kinda funny how a lot of people are using the Soo vs. Ricky match as a measuring stick when Ricky has proven himself to have a solid defense which also happened to place him higher than Mixup in the last tourney. :smiley:

i totally agree, Soo can beat david L a shit load of times and david L almost put justin away , but does anyone compare that ?

Soo owns all mags hands down

God shut up already.

Soo AND ricky are mad good.


There is no real beef between the two of us. I just think people would really like to see us go at it. Since you basically represent Mags for the EC.

It’ll be cool to play u but just so people don’t get it twisted…

Teh best magneto on ec is jwong and then wigfall, i’m somewhere in the middle of the pack:bluu:

Damn potter, put the dick down. Mixup is great. Soo is great. If they wanna rumble cool. Quit trying to turn it into battle of the century.

Oh, and BTW, Mike you BETTER REP THAT SHIT!:stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t donate last time because I had too short notice. If you start now you might be able to work up enough to go Evo. I’ll put in just to have someone rep FL.

lol, you don’t know shit. I did this for my friend. Not cock-riding scrub. It was more of a favor. I already know who will win, but ec kids keep talking. i don’t really care myself cuz i don’t even see a chance for mixup. so wtf, i’d like to here from other ppl besides from florida supporting their fisher. And cali supporting their gangsta. I’d like to hear what sanford has to say. He has played both and he know’s wat up

Re: Re: Grudge Match: Soomighty vs. Mixup

Ah, young people. You’re right, I’m a scrub cuz I don’t play MVC2. I just like to watch. But if I were too young to drive, go anywhere, or produce sperm I’d stay in the house and play Marvel all day too. Then I’d be just like you. :cool:

Re: Re: Re: Grudge Match: Soomighty vs. Mixup

LOl, play marvel all day, you gotta be shitting my son. I only play marvel bout once or twice a week and never at home. My magneto doesn’t need training mode. :slight_smile:
trust me i produce sperm… I’m the reason your sister is half mexican
scrubs like you are dumb… still haven’t taken shit to the nexter level

Re: Re: Re: Re: Grudge Match: Soomighty vs. Mixup

Considering my sister is TWICE your age, I’ll just take that as an affirmation of your stupidity. The “nexter” level. Ha. As if being a sidekick were the next step. Shut your Robin ass up. Anyway, I’m done with you. Good luck mixup.

Re: Re: Grudge Match: Soomighty vs. Mixup

You don’t know shit:lol: and neither does ec about soo. you see a video whoo-hoooooo! i’ll play him if i get to go to evo, shut up until then you’re hangin on my sack just tryin to get words in you midget.

Hopefully this post won’t offend you Mike but I have to say this.

Mikes’ Magneto isn’t the best on the EC. He’s one of the top Magneto’s but he is dead on saying that Wigfall is better than him. Wigfall beat him at the South’s major (Final Round 6) and at ECC he was sent to the losers by Wigfall. The only reason people recongize him is because he’s from the south east, and he’s able to go toe to toe with some of the best in the east coast.

Now comming from the south east, I can say that a lot of people don’t know about how good we really are, we are very underrated but as a group we never go to big tournaments like ECC or MWC or even an EVO. And our best player (Mixup) hasn’t even been to many majors. (NEC, ECC and FR’s)

Well, back to the subject of Soo vs Mix, I’d love to see it happen. MSP vs MSP is always a very entertaining match (assuming Mike would use MSP), and I’d be rooting for my friend all the way.

My .02