Ground Kontrol Tourneys on September 20th (PDX) - Slugfest 2!

Ground Kontrol will be having their second set of tourneys on Saturday, September 20th. Here are the details:

When? : September 20th (Saturday). Sign-ups at 11am, tourney starts at Noon.

Where?: Downtown Portland

What Games?: Soul Calibur 4 (Xbox 360, Featured Game) SF3: Third Strike (PS2), Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade), Street Fighter Alpha 3* (Arcade). Marvel Vs Capcom2 (Dreamcast)

The Rules?: Double Elimination w/Evo rules applied for all games. Rules and game lineup may be subject to change. Bring your own pads & sticks please.

Cost?: $5 cover charge*, then $3 for each game entered. *Pizza and drinks will be provided to all tourney attendees. Arcade games set to Free Play.

Prizes: Cash prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, along with Gift Certificates and T-Shirts also given away.



Address & Phone: 511 NE Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
Phone - (503)796-9364

There is a 32 player cap for Soul Calibur 4, 16 players for the other games.

Note: Soul Calibur 4 - Vader and/or Yoda is banned from Tournament play. Ivy’s infinite glitch is banned. More banned glitches to come.

Soul Calibur 4 is now going to be played on the Xbox 360.

EDIT : Mvc2 is back officially on Dreamcast.

You should allow Algol, because A) he’s probably gonna be tourney legal anyway, and B) I play him and am a complete asshole for doing so. Actually, mostly 'cause of B. There’s also some debate over whether or not the bonus characters should be legal, but I highly doubt anybody will care.

Also, just FYI, the vast majority of Seattle SC players use the 360 version and VF sticks. Dunno how to work that out, as I’m not even sure how many of them are interested in coming. I’ll let you know after I talk get the word out. Can’t think of anyone who’d prefer the 360 pad, so as long as we have at least two good PS3 sticks that can be shared, we should be alright.

Zig - At the moment, Algol is banned. I really don’t wanna see a boss character winning a tourney. Vader is banned because he’s not in the 360 version. The Ps3 version was chosen because they have convertors for various sticks and pads.

The last thing I want is an RROD during the tourney, especially since I’ll be providing the system itself.

Dual Shock/Sixaxis > Xbox 360 pad.

Note: If Algol is legalised in most upcoming tourneys, I can unban him =P

Do you have 360->PS3 adapters? If so, that’d be perfect. Also, I’ve been browsing the upcoming SC4 tournaments and not yet seen any that are banning Algol, including NEC. Here’s the forum:


Are there any Seattle peeps coming down for this?

If some of you show up, I can change the system to 360 for Soul Calibur 4, but I need someone to volunteer their 360 with the game and a few controllers.

I can provide either system with the game/sticks/adapters (ps3) but personally I lean towards the PS3 for superior controller options via adapter.

SC4 notes: Algol is unbanned. Vader/Yoda is still banned for exclusivity issues. All infinites and glitches are banned.

If you would like to volunteer running a bracket. Let me know.

2 Weeks before Slugfest 2!

do the sticks for MvC2 work well??

You could drop by and see for yourself. I’d have to say they’re okay or now.

Is this tournament still gonna happen? I got a couple Marvel peeps interested in it. We’re wondering about the Marvel cab too. Are the sticks 360s?

Yo Ray tell them to fix that cabinet plus and lower the price to a quarter. Sticks are iffy right now and are way too short. Other then that the cabinet is coo

I requested this day off from work but they still gave it to me. Imma try to get out of it so I can come by

Down for some Marvel. Is there hard alcohol? I looked at the website seemed like beer/wine only. Some bars have no liquer liscences so just checking

Algol is banned!

There’s no less than 10 bars within 2-3 block in any given direction from Ground Kontrol if you need hard drinks.

1st post has been edited. Mvc2 has been replaced with Street Fighter Alpha 3. Soul Calibur 4 is going to be run on Xbox 360 now.

Algol is allowed but may be banned after this tourney.

Seriously? I might be joining all these tourny’s.

Aw man. How come no marvel? That really sucks. We were really hyped about going. Maverick might have even went too :sad:

Too bad no Marvel i wanted to come and win a free t-shirt:wgrin:

well that’s unfortunate for Marvel players. why was it dropped anyway?

Ray we need to run it back in NBA Jam after the tournament :woot:

I have no idea why Mvc2 was dropped. Maybe because of control issues?

BBH - Definitely. I hope it’s up and running by Saturday though.

Kennewick/Tri-Cities guys - It would be great if you guys still came down here. We could at least get Mvc2 on free play during the tourney. Afterwards we could hit up another bar or have Pho/dinner somewhere. Also, if I win any t-shirts, I’ll give them away starting with “myleftshoe” and any of the other out-of-towners that want em.