Ground Kontrol CE Cab Players?

i’m visiting pdx from florida, had a few good games with a couple people. i was wondering how much action this machine is getting from the locals. i’m looking at moving here and i don’t play mvc so it seems this cab and a3 would be my joint. i was disappointed with tilt in the mall…all their shit was broken and it was definitely NOT 3s there.

i was the guy with the grey oldschool hat if anyone i played over the course of the week posts.

ps…is there an ST cab anywhere in portland?

Try this thread:

I was at GK earlier today discussing an upcoming tourney on July 20th.

The CE machine is actually SF2:Hyper Fighting, and Lloyd Tilt does have 3S. Maybe they’re working on it(new sticks) or you didn’t check the screen as it it missing the marquee.