Grimey Season MVC2 Tournaments start 10/14 @ SVGL

MvC2 tournament will be held** THIS SATURDAY(10/14) @ 8pm in SVGL**. There also happens to be a **
Tekken **tournament the same day

entry $3, double elimination.

Since NCR isnt too far we will hold tournaments to shake off that evo dust.

its happening…MARVELLLLLL

another random footage of the trashcan match result

Its official. The Grimace is everywhere, even in your own trashcan. Watch out, 1…2 The grimace is coming for you!


Man, that’s just grimey.

i thought we’ll start to have marvel tournaments since i’ve been gettin alot of feedback from people askin when and where we play.

here are the results from last tournament.

1st chunksta (mss/santhrax)
2nd crizzle (msp, matrix)
3rd cableguy (santhrax, msp)
4th woogrimey woofiend(mag/ironman/sent, mss)
5th Tony aka dedective dumb shit (msp)
5th Erik jizzowns ‘jizz21’ (cable/storm/cap)
5th Mike ‘mikesavage’ (santhrax)
7th uli aka spaghetti uli (blackheart/sent/cable)
7th nEEzy (mss, row)

-neezy/woogrimey have down 2 wire matches with chunksta almost sendin him to losers.
-cableguy sent crizzle to losers, but crizzle comes back to beat cableguy for 2nd

finals chunk over crizzle 2 to 4

the trashcan match link i posted might give u a link sayin some video repository crap, just refresh and it will work i think

Anything going down today? Im still recovering from my cold, but i feel hella much better =D! Tournament today? WHATS GOING DOOOOWWWWNNNNNN?!?!?

Hit up my celly, peace.

seeded players will be from last tournament placings, which are:



the rest will be randomly picked out of a hat.

hope to c ricki “omega blue”, Larry S, psycholtic advocate, hiro, and sjgl guys there.

Is anyone going to this?


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