Greeting & a CE question

hi all,

I’ve been lurking on this fine forum & the wiki for about a year and thought it about time I get myself involved in the community.

After a 20 year break I started getting back into SF2 last year when I got myself a Mame cab, with CE and HF being my go to games. However of late I’ve started exploring ST a bit more, and much more recently, USF2 on the Switch.

Anyway, I do have a newbie question if I may? Over the past year I’ve studied a lot of CE videos in an effort to become a better Guile player, and one of the things that’s puzzled me is when I see youtube clips of Guile players doing a series of crouching jabs before launching a sonic boom.
Why is that?

Thanks very much
Mr Punk

Do you want to know why a Guile would do that or how to do that? There probably aren’t many CE experts here (or on planet Earth for that matter), as HF and ST are far more popular. I’ll try to give you answers, but they will be lame. Why? Because it’s good. How? Do a few cr. jabs and then do a sonic boom. The timing and inputs are probably strict. Idk…I haven’t played CE since like 1993.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m wondering why he would do that. Here’s an example of it

Is it to confuse the opponent, or is it something to do with cancelling and lessening the recovery frames? I see a lot of Guile players take a similar approach in CE as well as HF.


Don’t know much about CE hitbox/hurtboxes but most likely to stuff a full screen psycho crusher or scissor kicks. you can throw the jabs to check those just in case without commiting to a big normal that can leave you open to a jump in. Guile can throw the boom from full screen, jab a couple of times to see what the opponent is doing and if he is still from far away then boom. If he booms, throws a jab and his opponent jumps, he has time to flash kick.

It’s a combination of making people weary of going in, knowing when you have enough charge for a boom and messing with your opponent as to when you’re going to throw the boom. I don’t think crouch jab will stuff a psycho crusher because of the immolation factor, it possibly could on scissors. 2 jabs is just about perfect timing for knowing when you have boom charge. If your opponent sees you throw boom after 2 crouch jabs every time it could lull them into a sense of security that it’s a good time to jump in, once you establish that, you opt out of the boom anticipating a jump and tag them with a flash kick.

Ohhhh, I thought you just meant he was doing a small combo with jabs and a boom. Yeah, what ^ these guys said.

I suppose if you were somehow ridiculous and they basically walked into it, you could get a Guile CPS1 chain off it.

Thanks to Perth, Greenwood and BurnYourEgo. That makes a lot more sense to me.

I hadn’t even considered that it was a charge timing guide and/or a Psycho crusher defence. For the former, I just assumed you either counted in your head, or just got a feeling for when the charge was ready.


its also just t make you stay busy as a charge char you are at a small disadvantage having t wait t use special moves which means u cant do them on reaction so you are whiffing throwing out normals just n case they advance jump on you if u use guile u also need to learn how to advance forward with his knee bazooka attack while keeping charge it kicks sagats ass guile owns sagat in ce if you know the match up well that knee destroys sagats limbos as he tigers or after he tigers

guile is a defensive char but sometimes u need to go on the offense like vs sagat ryu and bison so bazooka knee really helps as it goes over lows too.

Several reasons: To make it easier to time the next boom, to maintain charge without moving (if they are not crouching) and to make it harder for the opponent to read them them (this is sometimes called “visual static”)

I learned something new about Guile from reading this thread. People do this in SF5 sometimes too I’ve seen. Cool…