Greensboro, NC 11/1/03 Results

The turnout was great. And to think these tournaments happened with a Madden 2004 Tournament going on in the same area. I appreciate Buck Jones, SieClayton, Bloody Yukata, WayGamble, and P-Soul for helping on the brackets. We were some of the hungriest people on earth. But it was fun. I appreciate everybody being patient and we will probably do it again next semester. And next time the Capcom fighters will be on Dreamcast. Here are the results. If I didnt put a state next to the city then it was North Carolina.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  1. Exodus777 (Durham)
  2. IceNinja (Durham)
  3. SieClayton (Greensboro)
  4. Bloddy Yukata (Durham)
  5. P-Soul (Greensboro)
  6. Buck Jones (Durham)
  7. James Roberson (Greensboro)
  8. Will Saunders (Greensboro)
  9. Derek Everette (Greensboro)
  10. Edmondson Effort (Greensboro)
  11. King Lo (Winston)
  12. Dante Blackson (Greensboro)
  13. Ron Royster (Greensboro)

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. Exodus777 (Durham)
  2. IceNinja (Durham)
  3. SieClayton (Greensboro)
  4. ChampD1012 (Greensboro)
  5. Tony Powell (Greensboro)
  6. Marcus Davis(Greensboro)
  7. ocelot_357(?)
  8. King Lo(Winston)

Note: First round of tourney was single elimation because of time restraints. Next time, its not gonna go down like that.

Tekken 4

  1. WayGamble (Columbia, SC)
  2. ThunderGod Cid(Durham)
  3. IceNinja (Durham)

Ten people entered this tournament. The brackets for this one disappeared after the tourney. So I might have got 2nd and 3rd mixed up. If I did, I apologize for that.

Tekken Tag

  1. IceNinja (Durham)
  2. WayGamble(Columbia, SC)
  3. SieClayton(Greensboro)
  4. PanzerIVD(High Point)
  5. Fred Haith(Greensboro)
  6. Q’ (Greensboro)
  7. Koi(Greensboro)
  8. Jamaal Fisher(Greensboro)
  9. Rob Taylor(Greensboro)
  10. Quentin Ash(Greensboro)
  11. Tracy McCauley(Greensboro)
  12. Tate Park(High Point)
  13. Chris Williams(Greensboro)

IceNinja came from the losers bracket to win it all!

Soul Calibur 2

  1. xSamuraix (Mitsu, Yunsung) (Raleigh)
  2. C2_(Chet) (Ivy, Xiang, Taki) (Greensboro)
  3. Ice Ninja (Mitsu, Ralph) (Durham)
  4. King Lo (Taki) (Winston-Salem)
  5. Smeesh (Astaroth, Ivy, Yoshi) (Chapel Hill)
  6. Exodus777 (Yunsung, Yoshi) (Durham)
  7. Shawn Goldman(Raph) (Greensboro)
  8. ChampD1012 (Taki, Kilik) (Greensboro)
  9. Bloody Yukata (Xiang) (Durham)
  10. Chad Regan (Durham)
  11. Q’ (Greensboro)
  12. Angela Edwards (Greensboro)
  13. PanzerIVD (High Point)
  14. Tony Powell (Greensboro)
  15. Phillip Haith (P-Soul)
  16. Will Saunders (Greensboro)
  17. Adam Fury (Greensboro)
  18. Chris Williams (Greensboro)
  19. Ronald Royster (Greensboro)

The man with the cape and football pads won it all. Damn…But it was fun and the matches were interesting. At least the ones I got to see.

Once again. Thanks for coming. Hope to see yall again!
I’ll do shoutouts when I get some rest.

Nice event, everybody… I had a good time! Really nice meeting everyone. I had on a green knit shirt, black jeans & some glasses.

Pleasant setting for a tourney; space was a total non-issue (rare for these things), and parking was plentiful (I figured it would be, Central’s homecoming was this weekend).

Phillip, you been workin’ out on Marvel… nice Storm, man.

Shaun, Wayne, Lu… good $h!t; very strong showings, all.

I came so close to winning some cash ( :mad: )… but it’s easier to swallow when 3rd place = $6.50 ( :lol: ).

I made one error in running Marvel, advancing the wrong person once (King Lo instead of Ed E.) due to unfamiliarity with the campus participants/miscommunication. This error cost this person their loser’s match, so I refunded him $5 out of my own pocket. Sorry 'bout that… :smiley:

We’ll have to do it again sometime. Thanks to all (especially those that helped)… take it easy! :cool:

Yeah I had fun at the tourney-I only wish I hadn’t done so poorly in SC2.Thanks ChampD you r a cool cat,good tourney man.BTW it was me that got 2nd in T4,shaun got 3rd.WayGamble I had you–but good fights anyway.I hit that kazuya combo on you tho that shit was crazy. peace

results edited. Sorry about that Chad.

The Good: Had mad fun at the tourny big props to Champ for getting this thing going. had fun hanging with da boys and shit and i held it down for all the games (top 3 baby) wayne beat me pretty nicely in marvel. and how the hell did i get 3rd in SC2??
good shit everyone who came.

The Bad: 2 or my ps2 memory cards seem to have disappeared:(
i hope they were not stolen but that seems like the most probable but if anyone finds some extra memory cards lying around please let me know that kinda put a damper on a otherwise good day.

I have one black memory card that was left in my PS2 Shaun. So your day is halfway brighter. I don’t know about the other one. I’m sorry about that. You know its low when people steal memory cards.

great job:
bloody yukata, and waygamble.:slight_smile: i promise you guys’ll get way more recognition when my computer gets fixed.

It was fun, long but fun. Next time I go up there, I’ll try to bring some SC players with me so SC can beast in everything. SC>NC but not Fayetteville.

Great job guys!!!

Good job waygamble and bloody.u way 2 represent. keep up the great work!:cool:

Been down this road & back again; I don’t really give a crap about “region wars” anymore (not that I ever did much)…

…but whatever gets you up to play, I guess…


This has to be one of the most unnecessary comments that I’ve seen in a long time. I hope you’re just trying to spark up the scene where you are cause most of us here in NC know a lot of the guys in SC. So I’m kinda wondering where you’re going with this. What games are you talking about here? Are they to be played on console or arcade? Don’t start something that you can’t finish. Holla!

What the hell does that mean. Please tell how you see the logic in this. we waited on the tourny’s so you could get here and then you say some random we’re better than you shit:lame:
Why did you not beast in everthing then if SC is so much greater than NC. You either A. like tekken enough to travel long distances to play B. Thought you would win easily and pay for you trip. but to put down a state that you just came to and had a good time at is such bs.

good job winning t4
ps. 8-0 but nice job with second on TTT

You mean to tell me that we delayed the tourney for him. LMFAO :lol:

I hate to tell ya, but if you think you’re the best, or one of the best, TTT/T4 players that SC has to offer, then you’re sadly mistaken. But if it’s true that you’re one of the best in SC then it’s quite sad. I almost beat you with my piss poor Ling/random character team and I haven’t played Tekken in years and never really played it seriously. Raise your game up and then you might be able to compete next time NC brings all of it’s players to a tourney. Console or Arcade, you’ll get yo ass torn out next time you play someone in NC.


southern hospitality

wayne is t3h greatestttt, if only you guys knew him, he was only joking…this may be breaking news to you guys…but…

jokes aren’t meant to be taken seriously…k thx bi :cool:

Its basically me explaining how I had fun playing you guys and how I want some of the other SC guys to come up with me the next time. It wasnt a personal attack against anyone and Im surprised it was interpreted as such. I believe if Jason, Chi, Dave, Jae, Chris, Ron, or Steve wouldve came up with me, then SC wouldve won every tournament excluding Madden.

Sorry you caught feelings over my opinion. I got no problems with you Shaun. You seem like a nice guy but I still dont see what I said wrong. I think the guys down here are really good, better than NC even. Im not supposed to type that online or something?

I’ll pretend there’s no sarcasm in your statement and accept your praise. It was 8-1 but I still appreciate it. Im still trying to learn TTT. If you go to Charlotte, I’ll probably see you there.

I guess Im not mistaken then. I don’t think I’m the best. I never once said I was the best. I never even said I was good. I suck but if lil ol me with my mediocre skills got 1st and 2nd in T4 and TTT then the really good guys down here would beast if they came up. That makes sense doesnt it?

Anybody else wanna down me, put it in a pm. K THX BI

:wtf: umm… :wtf: again.

Buck, I have no clue who this person is. This guy does not represent F-ville’s attitudes. But I think you know that. I’m more concerned about people who don’t know the deal, and thinks that this guy speaks for all of us.

See above paragraph.

Jive Out!

WTF is this, bag on WayGamble day? I have no idea who you are either. I speak for and represent myself. Last time I checked Fayetteville had a population of 33,000. It doesn’t bother me that the 4 out of the 5 people who post on SRK don’t know me. Lamont, what’s up.


That’s fine, but you know how sarcasm generally translates on the boards, and you know how people get; didn’t SC just get done with a little “my side is better than your side” ordeal? :confused:

Like I say, whatever… different people play for different reasons. I wasn’t jumping on WayGamble or anything, just trying to head the ego spiel off at the pass… let every man speak for himself, which is what I say when I say “no drama, plz”.


Then state that it’s a joke. Since there are no ways of telling inflection, we can’t determine what’s a joke or what’s for real if they don’t say so. So when people make comments like that, then they get taken as what they are. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Holla!!