Green Goblin or Iron Patriot?

Thoughts? Ideas?

Cuz we all know Norman Osborn is both… But havin another IronMan/WarMachine? Thats just silly… maybe Iron Patriot as an alternate costume for IronMan?

Green Goblin with Hobgoblin alternate?

I hella need to see the Green Goblin in action tho =]

I’d prefer him as Green Goblin if he’s in.

just as long as its not Harry from the spiderman movies.


I think questions like these are why DLC costumes are most certainly going to be in.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a palette swap IP make an appearance in this game.

I bet this game is going to have DLC out the ass.

or because the fact marvel has a billion different costumes for everyone. might as well have them include it in game. too much shit and hopefully a custom colors option(coughpalmodcough)

iron patriot infinite

I really don’t think DLC costumes will be in.

DLC characters are more likely.