Great interview with Ryan Harvey aka Fubarduck about arcades

Ryan goes in depth about arcades and talks about how many of them have failed by utilizing “redemption machines” giving the customer a false sense of accomplishment as opposed to the growth of console gaming. It’s a great read and I recommend passing this along to everyone who plays games. Even if they’ve never set foot in an arcade. If Ryan isn’t in the final cut for I Got Next, arcades do play a major role in the tournament scene, his perspective would be a fantastic addition to the documentary as an owner and competitive player.


Oh fubar is a great source of arcade info, My friend kept bugging me to ask him stuff back when I used to troll #arcana. Must buy a delta34…

why is fubarduck banned? lol

Really interesting perspective on why arcades no longer are thriving. Especially the part where he makes the case that console gamers are part of a different target audience when it comes to gaming. This was pretty insightful. Since everyone assumes that the insurgence of console gaming had an impact on arcades health as a business.

Actually it really did, more than anything. Which is the only point I really disagree with Fubarduck on.

The Playstation did more to kill Arcade Gaming than anything else, as it made console gaming truly mainstream and turned gamers who might have grown up playing SF and MK in the arcades, into gamers that grew up on FF7 and Crash Bandicoot.
It set the way for the next generation who grew up on Halo and Madden on their shiny consoles, as gaming culture became who could get the new shiny console and beat the game first, instead of who could get to the arcade and kick the most ass.

its also cause of scrubs, they are not willing to learn how to over come top tiers. I think scrubs ruined it for a lot of people.

MvC1 I had to listen to people bitch about Wolv.

MvC2 I had to listen people bitch about Cable and Sent.

It was like that everyday. Till one day no one showed up to the arcades anymore.

I think it all just comes down to convenience. If someone wants to do something then they will do it. If it requires travel time, so be it. When its made more convenient and they can now do it from the comfort of their own homes, they will. This is especially true because many arcades didn’t really build up a community where people made friends and stuck together. Most went there with a few friends, played a bit and left. When they were given the ability to do this from home, the arcade was dropped instantly.


True, but I think he’s right that they could have survived if they didn’t stray towards ticket games. Maybe, not as healthy as they once been but at least enough so that in each state you can count the number of arcades on one hand.

Plus, arcades have always been stigmatized by society because of their urban location. A usual place for drug dealers to prey on kids without guidance. Although, your points are true, he might have a point to a certain extent.

I met him in Japan once. He told me he was banned because he had less than positive things to say about a tournament he attended.

That’s about all I will get into.

Anyhow, I think no matter what Arcades were going to fail. Consoles have just made them obsolete.

The decline in arcades is not such a simple problem that you can pinpoint it to one single reason (re:consoles)

fubar was banned because he thought evo was using laggy tvs a few years back.