Grave digging for poverty: 1 on 1(psx)

1 on 1 is a basketball fighting game made by jorudan. Featuring a cast of weirdos. It’s a 4 button game with left and right dribbling/blocking, shooting and stealing. It’s like a tekken clone almost.ss2

1 on 1 government is a port of the inferior arcade sequel, but it’s got 2 on 2 so whatever. Its a three button game in which some inputs overlap, and there happens to be no practice mode in which to view your controls.

With introductions to these games out of the way: I’m proposing that we get this on a netplay emulator and start a community, what do you say?


To Do List:

  • Translate movelist
  • Obtain completed save file(for locked characters)
  • Test netplay on a variety of emulators

This was a game I had my eyes on before but never tried out. The more info there is for obscurities like this, the better.

If you’re a fan of Two Best Friends, they’ve actually played it, it was a recommendation from Team Best From Now, a group of dudes who catalogue these oddities. UNFORTUNATELY they know as little as I do about 1 on 1