Graphics glitch (PS3)?

Ok so I’m in practice mode with Ralf and Duo on Egypt. When I walk backwards with them, their sprites vibrate very rapidly for a second, then go back to normal, then vibrate again. I have the filter set to 2, 1080p, and the game installed. I haven’t really noticed this on other stages but I haven’t tried with all chars. Is my PS3 dying or does anyone else notice this?

Sooo, no one else has jittery sprites on the Egypt stage? Even after uninstalling and reinstalling via the patch I have the same issue.

Sounds like a HD latency TV problem.

Really? I have no problems with any other games, including sf4 and bb. I even tried adjusting the game down to 720p and still have the issue.

is probably your tv, I play in a moniter (2ms response) and I have no problems what so ever on any stage.