Graphics cards! What do you have inside your system?

Just bought a ATI Sapphire 6870 with a custom cooling unit, dead silent and always cool even overclocked. Upgraded from my old Sapphire 5770 and I’m loving the extra power and FPS I get in games.

Next upgrade will be this or something better in the near future:

Need a monitor better than 60hz because I’m limited to a max of 60fps in games. I can benchmark them higher at over 100-200fps, but my monitor can only display truly 60fps.

The frames of your games in-game is effecting your monitor? What that makes no sense to me? Because your monitor uses hertz and not frames per second. So turning your fps cap to max will help your game and doesn’t matter what monitor you have any delay you get is related to the monitor but has nothing to do with FPS. Frame rates in video games refer to the speed at which the image is refreshed, Low frames would be choppy, Games tend to lock the frame rate at a more stable rate.

Main: Radeon HD6870
Second PC: 260GTX

vsync is locking your frame rate to 60fps, you can turn that off, but running at a higher fps will induce screen tearing as well as making the gpu having to work harder. Just because you can run higher doesnt mean you should.

gts 250 and 9800 gtx+ running sli.

girlfriend has a radeon 5770 and her dad just built a new computer with a radeon 5870

I’ve been rocking the 8800 gt for just about forever. Only Pc game ive recently played is fallout new vegas and was satisfied with the performance.

They run way to hot for me, Ive had 2 8800GT’s OC Editions and 2 Regular 8800GT’s normal idle is 70-60c under pressure 80-90-100c and 120 is boiling point(death).

Running a modest 1GB GTX 460 in my main computer.

I run a single G92 8800 GTS and it still plays anything at 1920x1200 (though not max settings, obviously) – would SLI a pair if I could find another but it looks like I’ll just have to upgrade when I can’t run new games anymore.

like a few people here, i am still rocking my 8800 gt 512 from back in the day. it still does very well on many games maxed at 1920x1200 (non-dx-11) and its still has cuda support that i am definately getting daily usage with, h.264 decoding, photoshop, autocad, mentalray, and other stuff. best vid card i ever bought, though this year it may be time for an upgrade, funny because im finding im needing more cuda performance than gaming performance lol

There must be an issue in how effectively your case is vented. My XFX 8800GT OC’d runs 45-50 idle and 65-75 under a heavy load.

Also use rivatuner to increase your fanspeeds

8800GTS here, no need to buy anything more modern. PC gaming has gone backwards, instead of forwards for requirements… everything now is “retro”.

a radeon 4650 hd…
soon to be something better :slight_smile:

I did actually one was even amped up to 100%, And no trust me it wasn’t my case, I’m not new to this.
Eventually even if you have them at 100% or 75%/85% it will tear your bearings on the fan and it wont work anyways. and if you bought early 8800GT’s they had a paste issue. This issue has been acknowledged with 8800GT’s since they came out.

i can concur, as i had to change the default heatsink to a custom cooling solution earlier this year…im glad it still never fried…

Mobility Radeon 7500